Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gena Showalter - The Darkest Lie

Lords of the Underworld Series:

Book 8:
The Darkest Lie: Gideon/Lies and Scarlett/Nightmares

Gideon is a human lie detector, he is the keeper of the demon Lies and anytime someone lies, his demon shouts with glee. Unlike some of the other warriors Gideon likes his demon, he is stronger, faster and can do things he couldn’t before… only problem is, he can only talk in lies or he experiences horrific pain. After thousands of years his friends and warriors have learned to understand “Gideon Speak” but that doesn’t mean it isn’t annoying to them and to Gideon. Sometimes Gideon just wants to say what he means without passing out from pain.  Scarlett was born in Tartarus the prison of the Gods; she is daughter to Rhea the Queen of the Gods but not to Cronus, Rhea’s husband and King of the Gods. All three of them are all stuck in a jail cell together for thousands of years, talk about AKWARD!  The only thing that Scarlett looks forward to while she is imprisoned is when Gideon makes his appearances.  So she is overjoyed when they become involved and get married… or did they?

Scarlett is driving Gideon crazy!  She will not give him a straight answer on anything. Lies his demon is not picking up on anything so he can’t even tell if she is lying to him or telling him the truth, he can’t believe that he would ever forget having a wife.  So Gideon does the only thing a man can do he abducts her from his own prison and sets out to seduce her for answers, only she ends up seducing him just as much.  When the Hunters immediately find Gideon he is suspicious about how they found him so quickly. Demanding an audience with Cronus, Gideon finds out that the hunters have been getting help from Rhea all this time.  Scarlett hates her mother! She is an evil witch; ever since she was young her own mother has been trying to kill her and now is not any different.  Though out the novel Gideon and Scarlett are being puppets of the Gods and they are a mission to finally find out the truth, but will the truth hurt and would they have been better off without knowing?

To be honest this is not one of my favorites of the series, to no fault of the plot.  I think it was more of “Gideon Speak” drove me nuts, I couldn’t wait for the translations that followed the passage and I was trying to translate on my own as I was reading.  So as a recommendation wait for the translations and don’t drive yourself crazy translating for yourself.  On the other hand Scarlett does have one of the coolest demons as Nightmares. When she gets into some of the dreams and wreaks havoc its pretty cool!

3 moons out of 5

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