Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gena Showalter - The Darkest Passion

Lords of the Underworld Series:

Book 7:
The Darkest Passion: Aeron/Wrath and Olivia (Fallen Angel)

Aeron knows every sin you have EVER committed, he can tell with one glance if you have ever robbed, cheated, killed, lied, etc… He despises anything that he feels is weak especially humans, they just die so easily and often.  Aeron is dangerously close to the edge of losing control of his demon side the only thing that seems to calm him these days is his demon companion Legion.  Lately he hasn’t even had that, lately someone or something has been watching him, a presence that greatly disturbs Legion and now Aeron resents the presence for keeping his “daughter” away from him. That presence is Olivia an Angel that has become fascinated with Aeron because of his contrasts.  His demon is Wrath and he has killed many people but his obvious love and loyalty towards his friends and even the demon Legion moves Olivia so much that she when she is made a Warrior Angel and tasked with killing Aeron she refuses and becomes a fallen Angel.

When Aeron sees a woman running across their land screaming his name his first instinct is to kill or leave her to rot on the land, when he sees how bloody her robe is he changes his mind and swoops her up, literally, he does have wings after all.  After he realizes that this beautiful woman is the presence that he has been feeling he is almost ready to throw her back out the window, a fallen angel even a gorgeous one is not what he needs right now.  When Olivia falls from heaven she has no clear plan about what she is going to do now except get to her Aeron and have FUN! As an angel she did not get to have fun and after watching fun all these centuries she decided she wants to have some too and to have as much of that fun as she can with Aeron. When Olivia falls sick due to all her injuries Lysander (Olivia’s mentor and best friend) comes to heal her and gives her 14 days of freedom where she can live as a human with angel abilities and in that time she has to decide to either remain on earth as a full human or come back to heaven as an angel and complete her mission to kill Aeron.  Aeron has no idea to do with Olivia, she refuses to leave the fortress and she is bent on seducing him and worse he is finding it harder and harder to resist her.  Even Wrath is betraying him by screaming “MINE!” and “MORE” in his head ALL the time. When the Lords find out that Olivia is a wealth of information for furthering their cause in the war they decide that despite Aeron’s wishes they need to keep her close.  Now add in Legion, Legion loves Aeron not as he loves her (fatherly love) but as a woman who loves a man and she will not let that angel have her man! So Legion makes a deal with the devil…

This is my favorite novel in the series so far! I adore Aeron and Olivia, talk about opposites attracting, Olivia is calm to Aeron’s storm and joy to his darkness. Watching Olivia experience things for the first time in her sheltered life reminds you how sometime we take the simplest things like enjoying a meal for granted. The way Olivia breaks Aeron down little by little is humorous, oh how the mighty fall.  The love triangle between, Aeron, Legion and Olivia is entertaining! There is plenty of passion, entertainment and laughs in this novel.

5 moons out of 5

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