Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gena Showalter - The Darkest Pleasure

Lords of the Underworld Series:

Book 4:
The Darkest Pleasure – Reyes/Pain and Danika Ford

Reyes thinks jumping off the roof and breaking every bone in his body feels pleasurable; he is the keeper of Pain. He only feels pleasure when he is inflicting pain on himself or on others. The few times he has tried being in a “relationship” the woman always ended up turning into something evil because of his demon, they too started to crave inflicting pain on others so he gave up centuries ago. When the other Lords kidnap Danika and her family he immediately feels a pull to Danika even though she hates him and his fellow Lord Aeron/Wrath has been tasked with killing her as well as her family by Cronus.  Aeron cannot hold out completing his task much longer he is growing more feral each day that passes.  Danika is terrified, she was kidnapped and now is being hunted so naturally she has gone into hiding and refuses to ever be a victim ever again, and she will protect herself.  Even though his friends kidnapped her, Danika cannot forget Reyes even while she is hating him she is desiring him and she doesn’t understand why keeps showing up to rescue her, isn’t he supposed to be killing her?

The Lords are continuing to look for the second artifact the All Seeing Eye; and it seems to circle back to Danika, for Reyes it always seems to come back to her. When she is captured by Hunters the Lords decide to rescue her even though the Hunters may have turned her to their side, after all she isn’t too happy with the Lords as a collective whole.  Danika doesn’t know what to do, she agreed to do a little spying for the Hunters but now that she is back in Reyes arms she doesn’t know if she can betray him like that. Her feeling for him grow each day that she is with him. Reyes is ecstatic that he has Danika back and terrified at the same time as desires mount he is afraid he will corrupt Danika like he did the others and he just can’t risk that, not with her.  He also has to worry about the possible Hunter threat, have they made her Bait (not that it matters to him if she were) and there is still the threat of Aeron.  In no way are these two having an easy time of it.

You have to admire Danika’s grit and fight, even with her life in jeopardy she still has spirit and refuses to be a victim she refuses to go down lightly. Once she gets free the first time she starts taking defense lessons so that if that she is prepared to fight for her very life and take out anyone that threatens her. Reyes dedication to Danika is inspiring, who wouldn’t want a man that cares so deeply for you, someone who puts you above himself.  With the odds stacked so high against Danika will they be able to keep her alive to allow for their romance to fully bloom?  With all the action in this novel you will not be bored that is for sure.

5 moons out of 5

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