Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gena Showalter - The Darkest Whisper

Lords of the Underworld Series:

Book 5:
The Darkest Whisper: Sabin/Doubt and Gwendolyn the Timid (Harpy)

Sabin can make you doubt the color of your own hair, for he is the keeper of the demon Doubt.  Sabin has a hit out on his head by the second in command of the Hunters. Years ago Sabin had an affair with the man’s wife, she ended up killing herself for which he firmly places all blame at Sabin’s feet and he’s been after him ever since with a vengeance.  All Gwen ever does is doubt herself, she is half Harpy and half Angel and she grew up always thinking that the two sides of her were in conflict.  She tries so hard to repress her Harpy side that when it does come out anyone around her is collateral damage and she wakes up having no idea what just happened.  

The Hunters took Gwen captive over a year ago and have kept her in a cage making her watch as they torture the other creatures that were also captives. They don’t dare let her out of her cage because they are deathly afraid of her as they should be!  Sabin has heard of a possible location for the third artifact in the deserts of Egypt, when they enter a crypt full of Hunters the last thing they expect to see is a room full of caged pregnant women.  They let all the women out and transport them all home but Sabin decides to keep Gwen, he saw what she is capable of and decided she would make an excellent addition to the team. It didn’t hurt that he found her exciting, deadly and beautiful.  For lack of any way else out the god forsaken desert Gwen agrees to go along with Sabin’s plan, it didn’t hurt that she is also wildly attracted to him.  While with the Lords Sabin decides that Gwen really needs to train to learn to fight and control her Harpy, the only problem with that is it can take a 100 years for a Harpy to learn to control themselves and they have about a 100 minutes to learn control not a 100 years! 

You watch as Sabine flips his views from being the war as his number one priority to Gwen’s safety being his priority even if it means putting the Lords at a disadvantage in the war.  He has always been an equal opportunist; he never treated the women on his team different then the men, now he has a woman twisting him up in knots with his need to protect. It is also very endearing to watch him in his reassurances to Gwen; he never wants his demon Doubt to make her doubt herself or him, it shows how much he cares.  Gwen is one of my favorite women characters; she goes from Timid to Fierce! You watch in Gwen’s journey from wanting to be left alone and to retreat from her inner Harpy to a warrior woman who embraces her full nature! After all her training she is ready to take on any Hunters who dare to harm her man!

4 moons out of 5

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