Saturday, March 12, 2011

J.R. Ward - Lover Unbound

Black Dagger Brotherhood:

Book 5:
Lover Unbound: Vishous and Jane

Vishous is probably the most complicated of the Brothers cursed/blessed with a glowing hand, visions of the future (he knows the what not the when) and can read minds with disturbing clarity at least he could up until recently when his visions and mind reading abilities just left him leaving him oddly shaken.  Jane is a talented surgeon who longs to run her own shop not just the ER.  The death of her little sister when she was young strongly affected her as an adult and her career path.  Vishous meets Jane when he is shot and taken to a human hospital; Jane is the surgeon who saved his life.  When the Brothers come to get Vishous back they take Jane with them to make sure he heals properly.

To be honest I was kind of disappointed with this book, it was still a good book don’t get me wrong. I flew right through it and was entertained, but Vishous is one of my favorite Brothers and with his abilities I felt like this book could have gone in so many different intriguing directions.  You do find out about Vishous’s past and his surprising lineage which will have your raising your eyebrows in shock!  Jane as a character kind of left me flat, she didn’t seem to have much character development but she is still worthy of my Vishous.  Overall the book was good, concentrating a lot on the past but I felt like it could have been better, I was left wanting more of Vishous. Let me know what you think of this book. Do you agree? Disagree?

3 moons out of 5

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