Saturday, March 12, 2011

J.R. Ward - Lover Enshrined

Black Dagger Brotherhood:

Book 6:
Lover Enshrined: Phury and Cormia  

Phury put himself on the sidelines of life years ago, feeling overwhelming guilt over what happened to his twin brother Zsadist for the first 100 years of his life.  Phury couldn’t start living until his brother did, now that Zsadist has found a mate and some measure of happiness Phury now feels guilt for desiring his own twin brother’s mate.  Phury has offered himself up as the Primale to the Chosen, so now he is to go from celibate to the “stallion” of the Chosen.  Cormia is the first of the Chosen offered up to Phury, she is terrified of this prospect, she has heard such awful things about the act itself and of the Brother Phury.  Phury realizes that Cormia is so terrified and takes her to the Brotherhood Compound so she can get used to him. Never having lived on the “other side” Cormia is overwhelmed by the new world and slowly she starts getting overwhelmed by her feeling for Phury.  Phury is in agony struggling with his guilt over how his twin turned out (if only he had gotten to him sooner) and his persistent feelings for Bella as well as his new duties as the Primale.  Little by little the Chosen Cormia starts replacing Bella in his vision adding to his conflicting feelings.  Cormia is forced to live on the otherside where everything is different, she doesn’t know what is expected in this new world and is utterly alone and doesn’t feel like she belongs, yet she doesn’t seem to fit in with the other Chosen as well.  She finds herself caring more and more for Phury but she can tell he has lingering feelings towards Bella which is like a knife in the heart.  Can these two work out their struggles and come together or will Phury reject Cormia and the rest of the Chosen?

You cannot miss this book! So much happens in this book not just with Phury but with all the reoccurring characters.  Someone beloved may even return causing an uproar!  If you miss this book you will be lost for the following books. It is a hotbed of action and you won’t be able to put it down!

4 moons out of 5

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