Saturday, March 5, 2011

Karen Marie Moning - To Tame a Highland Warrior

Highlanders Series:

Book 2:
To Tame a Highland Warrior: Gravreal McIllioch A.K.A Grimm and Jillian St.Clair

When Gravreal was 14 he saw his dad crouched over his mother’s body holding a knife, he fled the castle in a rage only to witness his clan being massacred by the McKan Clan. All his life he has heard the tale of the Berserker’s while he is watching his clans slaughter he pleas to the gods to invoke the Berserker and his prayer was answered. When he feels the strength and rage enter him he runs to his clan and ends up slaughtering every McKane within his path saving the rest of his clan. Thinking his entire clan was killed and that his father murdered his mother he flees his home to wonder the highland forests, hunted by the remaining McKanes for two years; when he is found by a very young Jillian, who claims him for her own like a lost puppy. By now Gravreal has taken the name Grimm forsaking his old life including his name, he feels that it is safe enough that he could reenter civilization and upon seeing the young Jillian everything within him is calling to him to protect her as she is HIS.  Jillian is intrigued by the boy from the forest and as she grows older her feeling become more intense and turn to love, but Grimm does everything within his power to torment, ignore and frustrate her and then one day her home is raided and she see Grimm headed to the stables after the battle has completed, she just knows that he is leaving. Jillian runs after Grimm and after a passionate kiss and confessing that she wants him to stay, he coldly rejected her and left anyway and she was never able to get over the rejection or him. For years Grimm protected Jillian from afar, he could never really being himself to truly leave her but he knows how dangerous he is and refuses to bring that to Jillian ever again. He knows her home was raided all those years ago because he was there and the McKanes never gave up their pursuit of him.  Now after years Grimm receives a missive from Jillian’s father telling him to come for Jillian. Grimm owes Jillian’s father his life so he answers the call immediately even though he knows he shouldn’t be anywhere near Jillian. Laird St. Clair has had it with Jillian she is well past the marrying age and he has been to lenient with his daughter so he sends for three men who don’t scare easily for Jillian to choose from and demands that she has picked one by the time he and her mother get back from visiting her brother. When Grimm arrives to find out that Jillian is to pick a husband he immediately takes himself out of the running, he knows that her father could not have wanted a berserker as a son in law. Even though he has taken himself out of the running doesn’t mean Jillian will let him. Jillian wants to deny that she has any feeling left for Grimm but when she see’s him again it all comes flooding back. As much as Jillian and Grimm fight the attraction they keep coming back together but Grimm knows he has no right to Jillian he is not natural, dangerous and still hunted by the McKane’s and as much as he wishes otherwise he cannot have her. Can these two overcome all the obstacles to come together or is all lost?

I love Grimm! I want my own hot Berserker.  I love his intensity and his desire to protect Jillian at any cost. His feelings of not being worthy of her feel real, you can feel his pain and self-loathing. K.M. Moning really brings Grimm to life and you find yourself relating to him.  Jillian is feisty! I love a feisty heroine; she knows what she wants and sets out to get it, and does! I loved her creative problem solving to get rid of all her previous suitors, she really knows how to get a man lose interest. She may be a mere woman in a time when woman are to remain in the background but she is smart and knows how to work with what she has at her disposal. Jillian is by far my favorite female of this series and I know you will love her too! This book is one of my favorites of the series and makes me want more berserkers!

5 moons out of 5

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