Saturday, March 5, 2011

Karen Marie Moning - Kiss of the Highlander

Highlanders Series:

Book 4:
Kiss of the Highlander: Drustan MacKelter and Gwen Cassidy

Gwen goes to Scotland to find herself. All her life she was told how to live by her brilliant parents. She went to all the right schools got the best grades, went to college, and became a scientist, all because that was what was expected of her from her parents. There was no place for love and affection, her scientist parents didn’t believe it even existed. After the “Great Rebellion” she quit her work and got a “normal” job working for an insurance company and her parents stopped talking to her. After their death her whole world was rocked and she decided to find out if she really did have a heart and to find a “cherry picker” to get rid of her blasted virginity. This trip to Scotland has turned out just how everything else in her life has turned out, only she could end up on a Scotland tour for senior citizens and not only that she hasn’t seen a single guy she would consider to be her “cherry picker”.  One day on her trip she is hiking and she falls through some rocks and into a cave and onto a man who looks to be in a deep sleep, but if her falling on him didn’t wake him she is scared he may be dead or in some sort of coma. The last thing Drustan remembers is being in the 16th century Scotland mourning the loss of his beloved brother Drageus and his fourth betrothed both who died in a battle on the way back to MacKelter land.  Drustan has pretty much given up hope that he would ever find a woman to marry him, whenever they discover that there is something different about him they run for the hills. Being a Druid has certainly interfered with his plans to marry and have children. Drustan is so caught up in his grief and worries he never suspects that the summons he receives could threaten his existence. When Drustan wakes to find the most desirable woman he has ever seen on top of him wearing next to nothing, he decides to go with it and doesn’t seem to understand why exactly she is trying to stop him, why else would she be on top of him in tiny trews and a chemise? Gwen can’t believe the sensations the man who was just in a deep coma is arousing in her, she is glad she wasn’t lusting after a dead man but she isn’t about to lose her cherry to a guy wearing ancient clothing and hiding in a cave and who she doesn’t even know his name. What kind of man just starts making out with a woman he has never seen before?? After their awkward/arousing greeting Gwen and Drustan realize they need to get out of that cave. First and foremost on Dustan’s mind is just how long he has been in that cave and why. After questioning the lovely Gwen she suspects that he has lost a month in that cave, but when they approach the town he suspects it has been longer than that. When he asks Gwen what year it was she looks at him strangely but answers, when Drustan learns he has lost over 500 years he knows he has to get back to Castle MacKelter and he needs Gwen to help him so he basically kidnaps her until she agrees to help. Gwen is convinced Drustan is ready for the loony bin, imagine thinking you are from 500 years in the past. Ha! But she agrees to help him anyway because it’s not like she has anything more important to do and he is the most handsome appealing man she has ever met. Maybe she has found her cherry picker after all… When they arrive at the “Castle MacKelter” and the stones his clan is sworn to protect Drustan realizes things are worse off than he thought. When Gwen sees the anguish Drustan is in when he discovers his home is gone she really feels for him, after the past couple of days she has come to care for him even though he is slightly off his rocker. Drustan knows that he has to get back to his century ASAP and he needs Gwen with him, if he activates the stones and anything goes wrong all could be lost without her. When Drustan finally presents his “proof” for actually being from the 16th century she has no idea that he was actually going to take her back, and that he wouldn’t be with her… When she arrives in the 16th century she is fully a believer and she knows he sent her back to save his clan from extinction. The only problem is, the current century Drustan has no idea who she is and thinks she is the crazy one this time. How is a girl to save his brother, his clan and get him to love her if he ownt believe her…

I highly enjoyed this story, I can just imagine Drustan waking up in the 21st century with cars, cell phones, airplanes, etc and totally being at a loss, his adjustment is quite amusing! Gwen is my second favorite female of this series, I could really relate to her need to shake up her life and to find herself. Also her hiding her intelligence because of her past and her parents is enduring, she just wants acceptance and doesn’t feel like she can get that by showing her true self. How many people have felt that same way at some point in their life, the desire to fit in is a strong one. The chemistry between Drustan and Gwen is scorching and you are happy for her when she finds her “cherry picker” and what a great way to lose it! You want to say “You go girl! You get yours!”, that is for every girl whose first time sucked, you can pretend yours was as good as hers. LOL! The MacKelter men are HOT and Drustan is just the first of them!

4.5 moons out of 5

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