Monday, March 28, 2011

You're WINNING!!!!

Mandy P and RiN are the winners of the 35 followers contest!

Thank you all for the follows I really appreciate it. I'll do another give away in the near future. Have to keep things lively!

And a special THANK YOU to Parajunkee for the Twitter LOVE!

I have contacted the winners so, no need to contact me.

Mandy P - Look in your Comments!
RiN- Look to your email!

Please let me know what book you want ASAP! I'll try to get it out tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Haha ... I still can't believe you picked me! You are forever awesomer in my book. LoL! :o)

    Anywho, I am thinking about changing my layout for my blog and I don't have the time to make up my own layout at the moment between work and school. So is there any chance you can direct me in the right location I am tired of the skinny blog look that I have right now. I want something similar in width so that I will have 1 main table like yours is currently. So if you can reference to any good layout sites for blogger I would be much appreicated. Just drop me a line ... you know my haunts.