Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Authors love their fans!

I love authors that love their fans and remain active within their reader community.  Larissa Ione is a great example of this. I recently asked her a question on facebook and within minutes she had responded. She is very accessible to her readers. I have had similar experiences with Gena Showalter who frequently pops into her sites forum to answer questions and participate in the threads. As well as Lydia Dare who has even commented on this blog as well as being active on goodreads and facebook.  You ask her a question and you get a quick response.  I love authors for these very reasons. They love their fans and remain accessible. 

Have you had a great author experience?  Comment with your story!

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  1. I love this as well! It makes them feel like a real person to me... I know they're "real" Lol... but it makes them feel like a friend. I have a similar story with Larissa - she offered a template for a writing software on Twitter - or maybe her blog... and I emailed her for it. She emailed it back and we exchanged a few emails of conversation- it was really cool... :)