Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: Kerrelyn Sparks - Be Still My Vampire Heart

Love At Stake:

Book 3:
Be Still My Vampire Heart: Angus MacKay and Emma Wallace

Things are heating up between the Malcontents and the Vampires. Someone is killing the Russian Vampire clan and they blame Roman and crew, but they know they aren’t doing so they suspect someone on the Stake Out team is. But they don’t know who, so Roman puts Angus on it… Emma, is angry, she is angry that there are vicious blood sucking vampires out there, ones that killed her parents, ones that are killing humans in central park, angry that her boss is more worried about finding his daughter than killing the beasts that are killing people. She is out in Central Park when she meets a handsome Scottish man, she thinks he’s human but something nibbled at her mind that he might be more than he seems. It would be a shame if he is a vampire, she’d hate to kill such a handsome man. When Angus first meets Emma, he knows that he has found the woman of his dreams, spirited, brave, intelligent and a warrior, but he doesn’t know how to get past her barriers to convince her that all vampires aren’t bad. Emma can’t believe her luck the first man she has an interest in turns out to be a vampire and he is making her question her entire belief system. Not all vampires are bad??? That can’t be true, can it???

Kerrelyn Sparks puts out another winner! I love a strong woman character that kicks some major booty and Emma is just one of those women.  She single handily takes down vampires as a human woman; none of them see it coming! Angus is a knight in shining armor, or just a knight, literally. He was knighted and everything. A warrior with a gentle soul, he is the type to love, cherish, protect his woman but also let her live her own life and solve her own problems. As with previous Sparks novels of this series there is a sense of humor, you will find yourself chuckling throughout the novel and there is plenty of action to keep you on the edge of your seat! The usual suspects appear in this novel. Oh and you meet the newest Draganesti!


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