Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ARC Review : Alyssa Day - Vampire in Atlantis

Warriors of Poseidon:

Book 7:
Vampire in Atlantis: Daniel and Serai


Eleven thousand years ago Daniel was a blacksmith and Serai was an Atlantis noble. Daniel and Serai fell deeply in love, despite their differences. One day while Serai was visiting the jewelry shop that Daniel worked at it was attacked. Daniel shoved Serai into an underground hiding spot to save her life. Daniel wasn’t so lucky, when Serai managed to get out if the tunnel it was to find Daniel on the edge of death, she had to make a terrible decision that would mean a second chance at life. When Serai returned home Atlantis soon fell into the ocean and she “volentold” to be one of the “lucky” maidens placed in stasis to be the queen to some future Atlantis king.

Eleven thousand years later Daniel has had enough of life, he can’t keep going on as he has been. He has had nothing but despair and even after eleven thousand years he still misses his one and only true love Serai, he is ready to join her in the afterlife.  After eleven thousand years Serai has fully awaken only to realize that something is going wrong with the Emperor (A jewel from Poseidon’s Trident) that has kept the maidens in their magical stasis, only to be partially woken once a year to be feed information. Serai has woken too early and she is fully awake when she shouldn't be, seizing her moment she uses her magic and busts open her cell and runs for it. As Daniel is walking into the sunlight he is sucked through the ocean and dropped at Serai’s feet. He thinks he has finally reached heaven only to find out that he is in Atlantis and Serai is alive! Daniel and Serai can barely believe that the other one is there in front of their face’s, after eleven thousand years both thought the other was dead. Serai doesn’t have much time to marvel that Daniel is right there in front of her, she has to get out of Atlantis and she has to get out of it NOW! She has to track down the Emperor. Someone is misusing its power and it is killing Serai and her sisters. There is no way that Daniel is going to let Serai go now that he has found her, even if that means they die on this quest together.

This is an excellent book in the Warriors of Poseidon series, once I picked this book up and started reading I did not put it down until it was done!  This is a more emotional story than past books, however there is still plenty of action but it is more of a story of redemption. Daniel's whole existence has been about atoning for the first years of being a vampire when he was all about killing and maiming. Now that he has found Serai he knows he doesn’t deserve her, she is all that is light and good and he has done horrible things in his past but he still wants her. He would only leave her side if she was to ask him to and then he would even if it killed him. His devotion to Serai is of epic proportions, for eleven thousand years he has loved her. I’ve read a lot of books and I don’t think I have read one before that spanned eleven thousand years. I can’t even fathom that amount of time. All those years in stasis Serai thought about Daniel, each year when she was brought to consciousness he was her first thought, but she thought he is long dead. All these years she had some regret for the decision she made that night, but she knew she had to give him the chance at another life. But now she has a second chance with Daniel, but she has a very dangerous quest she has to complete first. Serai feels like she has to save her sisters in stasis. She knows she is the only one that can find it. She feels the pull from the jewel, if she doesn’t get to the Jewel and soon she knows she will die and in fact does. 

*I received this copy as a ARC review from the publisher. 



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