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Free Amazon Kindle eBooks: August 21

Free Amazon Kindle eBooks: August 21, 2011
As always these are currently free books from, these prices can change at any time. All information provided below I got directly from and copied and pasted onto this blog for you! If you like these posts and find them beneficial please leave a comment so that I know to continue these posts each week.
Frost Moon: Anthony Francis
In an alternate Atlanta where magic is practiced openly, where witches sip coffee at local cafes, shapeshifters party at urban clubs, vampires rule the southern night like gangsters, and mysterious creatures command dark caverns beneath the city, Dakota Frost's talents are coveted by all. She's the best magical tattooist in the southeast, a Skindancer, able to bring her amazing tats to life. When a serial killer begins stalking Atlanta's tattooed elite, the police and the Feds seek Dakota's help. Can she find the killer on the dark fringe of the city's Edgeworld? Among its powerful outcasts and tortured loners, what kind of enemies and allies will she attract? Will they see her as an invader, as a seducer, as an unexpected champion ... or as delicious prey? FROST MOON is Book One of the SKINDANCER fantasy series by debut author Anthony Francis. Filled with unforgettable characters, spine-tingling action, kinky rebellion and edgy love, FROST MOON is classic storytelling at its best, and Dakota Frost is an irresistible new star of fantasy fiction.
The Seeking Kiss: Midnight Playground, Book 1: Eden Bradley
Two vampires, one woman, an eternity of love and desire…if only she’s strong enough…
Fresh Blood: Jennifer Colgan
A desperate call from her missing sister sends Erica Talbot on a dangerous rescue mission. Determined to prevent her twin from becoming a feeder, Erica steps out of her quiet, lonely existence and into a dark underworld where vampires make the rules. Maxwell Hart is a vampire investigator. Part of his job is to protect humans. The moment he lays eyes on Erica, he knows she doesn’t belong in his world, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting her there. With Max as her guide, Erica descends into a world where humans willingly give up control to their vampire masters. Posing as Max’s submissive feeder, Erica discovers a strange freedom in relinquishing her hard won self-control to Max. After just one taste of Erica’s blood, Max finds he hungers for no one else. How can he possess her when drawing her deeper into his dark world will change her forever?
Pleasure With Purpose: Lisa Renee Jones
Heather and Brad have been close family friends for ten years but both have secretly pined for each other, secretly fantasized about one sultry hot night together. So when fate delivers them a chance at that night -- will they take it -- and risk a lifetime of friendship being destroyed? Or will they pretend they can really wake up tomorrow and pretend it never happened? This is a 12,000 word short, sexy story.
UnWrapped: Danielle Gavan
Naughty birthdays were never as colorful as the du Tout family makes them! Follow four sexy supernatural siblings in this collection of short stories as they discover just how fun getting older can be for a Satyr, Incubus, Dhampire and Fae. The three brothers band together to give their sister, Pascale, an unforgettable birthday at the hands of Beau's college friend, Oliver Hutchinson. Beau's gift allows him to not only have his cake, but eat it too when his siblings gift him with Succubus/Maenad twin sisters. Rien is given as a ‘birthday gift’ to none other than the Succubus Queen Lilith’s, half-banshee daughter. Aimé agrees to show a shy Dhampire how much she's missing out on by denying herself the pleasures of a man between her thighs. WARNING: This novella contains very explicit sex. For mature 18 and over readers only.
Wild Knights (Erotica A paranormal erotic menage): Tawny Taylor
Maggie Dunning loves her romance novels. Her favorite--Conquered by the Knight, the story of two dominant, sexy shapeshifters, Xander and Bastien. To be possessed by two powerful Masters? Heavy, happy, lust-filled sigh! But that's just fantasy. It could never happen in real life...right? Little did she know that a paper cut and a few muttered words would make all her fantasies come to life, including the hunky Xander and Bastien. One minute she's cozy in bed sleeping, the next she's dragged into a world she'd thought only existed in her imagination, to face her most secret desires...and her worst fears. Bastien and Xander have their own challenges to face--a crime to investigate and a dangerous threat to the Twelfth Night Brotherhood to uncover. But they won't let that stop them from seizing their fascinating new bride and introducing her to the ecstasy of complete surrender.
The Vampire's Warden, a Paranormal Romance (Undead in Brown County #1): S.J. Wright
It was a flash in the moonlight, a blur of motion like I’d never witnessed before. No human had the capacity to move like that. When I found myself face-to-face with him there in the meadow, I knew without a doubt that the journal was authentic. I knew that my grandfather hadn’t been crazy at all. Because a foot away from me stood a vampire.Sarah reads her grandfather's journal in stunned disbelief. What was once her grandfather's responsibility has passed to her father and now to her. She has become the Warden. Her life will never be the same. This is part one of a three-part series. It is 31,880 words long. It is a novella, not book length.
Tugger's Down: Tommie Lyn
An evil entity summoned through a Ouija board killed Tucker's mother. Now it wants him. Lacy and Porter were two college students who each thought their future was all mapped out. Until they met each other. These three lives are about to collide. And what happens when they meet will change them forever.
Haunting the Night: Mara Purnhagen
Charlotte Silver has been through hell. Her mom’ s in a coma. She may have caused the death of a young man. And now her friend Avery wants her to tackle going to Prom? Not going to happen, even if she is dying to spend some alone time with her boyfriend, Noah. Instead, Charlotte needs to find some answers to a few nagging questions—why was her family attacked? Will her mother survive? And is there a creature from the Other Side coming for her? Soon enough, Charlotte's search for the truth becomes a race against time. But she may just find the sign she's been looking for all along....
A Lust for Lead: A Supernatural Fantasy (The Legend of the Devil's Guns): Robert Davis
The American West, 1887. Six years ago, the legendary gunfighter Shane Ennis laid down his guns and swore never to shoot again. Now the Fastest Guns want him back and they won’t take no for an answer. In the accursed town of Covenant, far out in the wasteland, a tournament is being held. Sixteen of the best of a new generation of gunfighters have gathered to fight to the death for the Fastest Guns’ approval. But the tournament is not all that it seems. Dark forces are plotting behind the scenes and an evil power lies in wait, patiently biding its time until the clock strikes the Gunfighter’s Hour. In A Lust for Lead, supernatural-fantasy meets the Old West in an action-packed tale of one man’s fight to save himself from damnation.
The Hawk And His Boy (The Tormay Trilogy #1): Christopher Bunn
The Beginning of an Epic Adventure: One night in the city of Hearne, a young thief named Jute is instructed to break into a wizard's house and steal an old wooden box. It sounds like a straightforward job. Climb down the chimney, creep through the house, find the thing and get out fast. Unbeknownst to the boy, however, the box contains the knife that killed the Wind. Overcome with curiosity, Jute opens the box and sets off a chain of events that soon has him on the run from the wizard, his old masters in the Thieves Guild, and their client, who happens to be the Lord of Darkness himself. On his odyssey of escape, Jute is aided by an unlikely assortment of friends, including a guilt-ridden assassin, a reluctant wizard, and a hawk who just might be able to teach him how to fly. But the Darkness will do anything to find Jute, even if it means plunging the whole land into war. The Hawk And His Boy is the first book of The Tormay Trilogy. The trilogy continues with The Shadow At The Gate, and concludes with The Wicked Day.
The Written (Emaneska Series): Ben Galley
His name is Farden. They whisper that he’s dangerous. Dangerous is only the half of it. Something has gone missing from the libraries of Arfell.  Something very old, and something very powerful. Five scholars are now dead, a country is once again on the brink of war, and the magick council is running out of time and options. Entangled in a web of lies and politics and dragged halfway across icy Emaneska and back, Farden must unearth a secret even he doesn’t want to know, a secret that will shake the foundations of his world. Dragons, drugs, magick, death, and the deepest of betrayals await. Breathtakingly vast, chillingly dark, brooding and dangerous, The Written will leave you impatiently waiting for the next adventure… Welcome to Emaneska. THE WRITTEN is the first book in the thrilling and fast-paced Emaneska Series and the debut book of Ben Galley, a young upcoming author from the UK. The eagerly-awaited sequel and second in the series, PALE KINGS, is due for release in 2012. If you would like to know more about either of these books, or more about Ben, then you can find it all at
Ancient Awakening (The Ancient): Matthew Bryan Laube
Hell comes home to Jersey. Seven ancient demons known as the Fallen have awakened in New Jersey after a hundred years. Fortunately for Mike and Ann, so has the one man who can stop them, Joseph Miller. Trapped in a hospital filled with mythical monsters, only together can they unravel the mystery of the Cursed and escape with not only their lives but also their very humanity. Ancient Awakening is a Horror/Action novel with just the right touch of comedy.

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