Sunday, August 21, 2011

Movie Review: Conan the Barbarian

Conan the Barbarian:
Run Time: 112 mins
Rating: R
What it is about:
1000 years prior a kingdom rose from the dust to become nearly invincible, this kingdom called upon the dead as necromancers.  Only the Barbarian tribes stood against the necromancer kingdom and destroyed the mask which their source of power. The Barbarian’s destroyed the mask and scattered the pieces across the globe. It was foretold that one day a man would raise and put the mask back together, but one battle born man would rise to stop him. Conon was born in the midst of battle and even as a small boy was a fierce warrior. One day his village is attacked by a man holding a mask, they kill Conan’s father in front of him and take that last piece. For 20 years Conan lives for vengeance, and finally it is almost upon him.
What I thought:
This movie is so terrible it’s fantastic! The pure cheesiness of the movie just calls for laughter and I was not the only one laughing at the movie, so was the rest of the theater. I don’t think this movie was supposed to be a comedy but that’s how I treated it, although, I went into this movie expecting the worst. My sole expectation was to look at half naked man candy for an hour and a half and that expectation was met. LOL! There was lots of action, bloodshed and some decent effects. The acting as expected was terrible the plot line also terrible, but somehow it all worked. I can honestly say I was never bored from this movie and I laughed a lot. Although it probably wasn’t the kind of laughing that was intended.
I say go see it! But go with really low expectations and take it for what it is. A really cheesy action flick.
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