Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: Rose Pressey - Rock N’ Roll is Undead

Veronica Mason Series:
Book 1:
Rock N’ Roll is Undead: Veronica Mason
Veronica is the lead singer in the “The Voodoo Zombies” a popular Rockabilly band that is on the verge of being signed. She is also a witch with disappointing powers. A couple of days before her big gig with the record producer coming to see her she stumbles upon her bassist (who also happens to be a vampire) ashen corpse.  Veronica is shaken by this find, but the show must go on with the biggest gig of her life right around the corner. The next day auditions are held and one bassist in particular catches her eye. Not only is he drop dead gorgeous but he is a fantastic bass player. Veronica knows she has found her man, well not her man since she has sworn off band mates, but her new bass player. Unfortunately she can’t deny the amazing connection. When Veronica finds another dead vampire who is a part of the Rockabilly scene Veronica starts to suspect that she may be the next target and wonders if the killer might be someone close to her…
I really enjoyed this book; Veronica is a very likeable character. She works very hard on her band and has a lot of ambition and drive. Her frustration over her magic but refuses to give up is admirable and shows strength of character.  The byproduct of Veronica attempting magic is quite humorous and will give you a chuckle. In general in this book you will find that Rose Pressey has a great sense of humor and you will laugh quite often. I also really enjoyed the Rockabilly aspect of this book. I can’t say that I am a huge Rockabilly fan but I do find the culture intriguing, especially the fashion. Also, I believe this is the first PNR or even Contemporary novel I have read featuring this sub-culture of music. You will find rock, metal and even country fairly often but not Rockabilly which adds a unique perspective to this book. The side characters in this book are also entertaining and all have a well developed personality of their own. Over all this is an enjoyable read and since Ms. Pressey is an independent author you can get her books at a steal! I believe I only paid $3.00! Rock On! I will be continuing on with the series and looking into other books by Ms. Pressey.

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