Thursday, September 1, 2011

H.P. Mallory - Great Hexpectations Release

Great Hexpectations

So I have noticed that there have been some searches done regarding where is H.P. Mallory's book Great Hexpectations. On her website it was shown a release date of August 31st and as those of us who looked for it on that release date noticed it wasn't there to download. So I did some snooping. This is from H.P. Mallory's FaceBook Page:

H.P. Mallory: Sooo...I have a little bad news. Well, not bad necessarily but news...I have to delay the release of Great Hexpectations because I have to finish a novella in the Jolie series. And I think you all are really going to love the novella because it's going to be in Rand's point of view. The novella will be released in December wtih Random House and I believe it will be pre-orderable (is that a word? LOL). I don't have an updated release date yet for Great Hexpectations but that will come soon.... UPDATE!! H.P. Mallory announced that Great Hexpecations will be released Oct. 31st on halloween!

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