Sunday, September 25, 2011

ARC Review: Jessica Anderson - Lord of the Wolfyn

Royal House of Shadows Series:
Lord of the Wolfyn: Prince Dayn and Reda Weston
The night of the attack Prince Dayn was out tracking a Wolfyn riding out his anger at having to give up his woman of common birth, he is expected to marry someone of noble blood. When his father mindspeaks with him as vampires can do he sees the carnage that has become of the castle and his heart breaks that he was not there to help protect his home and family. His father manages to tell him before his death that he is being sent away for 20 years, then a female guide will appear and she will have four days to return him to Elden to unite with his siblings and then Dayn finds himself in a strange realm where the mythical shape shifters Wolfyn (the shape shifting is a mere myth in Elden) rule and and realm traveling is a common occurrence.  Human cop Reda’s foundation was rocked to the core when her partner was killed and she just stood there when they were on duty, she never thought of herself as a coward until that fateful day. Now unsure what to do with her life she clings onto her past, in particular a book that her mother gave her,  a one of a kind version of the Wolfyn and “Little Red Riding Hood”. Dreams leading up to finally getting her hands on the book show her, her “woodcutter” but suddenly Reda is being sucked into a strange land and suddenly her woodcutter is alive and demanding her to take him someplace, this must be a dream. It takes several brushes with death before Reda believes this is all real and she is to take her sexy woodcutter to some place called Elden to save his kingdom.  With her cowardice haunting her, she is determined to help her woodcutter Dayn reach his home, but with a dark witch and the Wolfyn after them it’s not looking good. Reda and Dayn know they only have four days together and despite the constant danger they are determined to make the most of those days an steamy nights, until Dayn’s secrets catch up with him and Reda is betrayed…
This is a great spin on “Little Red Riding Hood” dark and dangerous with a sexy male lead.  Dayn is sexy enough to lick and bite, and flannel never looked so good. Well in my mind anyway. There is evil and danger lurking in every corner in this book and made for an interesting read. The love scenes were erotic and hot, you won’t be disappointed there.  I do have to admit there were times when Reda annoyed me and I wanted to yell “Man up and grow a pair” at her; however, she did make up for it when she saved her prince. And hey any women that is that good with a bow and arrow is ok in my book. I also wondered what did happen with Reda’s mother, did she really die, did she get taken into one the vortexes? You never really find out, but that is more one of those vague, hmmm moments that is besides the fact and doesn’t really affect the book at all. One other thing that had me going hmm was in the first book, Nicolai said Dayn was mindspeaking with him to come help him, but in this book, Dayn could not reach anyone to mindspeak with, again doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the book but one of those small inconsistencies that can happen in multibook series that I picked up on. This book was full tilt action and sexiness and you won’t be disappointed in this installment of this series. Jessica Anderson is going on my list of authors to check out more books by as soon as possible. Overall, a good read.

*This book was provided to me by the publisher through NetGalley for an honest review.

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