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Amazon Kindle Free Reads: October 21, 2011

Kindle Free Reads: October 21, 2011

As per usual when I put these up, what is free today may not be in 5 mins from now. I get all the product discriptions from directly. I probably have not read any of these books, so as of yet have no reviews to offer. Happy Downloading!

Micah's Magick (Elemental Witches) – Anya Bast

This is a free, follow-up short story to the national bestselling Elemental Witches series (Witch Fire, Witch Blood, Witch Heart, Witch Fury). It gives a happily-ever-after storyline to Micah, a character beloved by the readers of the series.

Fury (OtherKin): Anya Bast

Nikki is a cougar shifter living in a werewolf world. When she's promised as a mate to a wolf shifter named Merrick, the fur flies. Cats are solitary and proud. No way will she be tamed, not even if Merrick’s touch drives her insane with need.  But Merrick has wanted Nikki for a long time and there's no way he’s letting her go. He’ll use every dark and erotic trick he knows to seduce her body...and then win her heart.  This short story is a free title, offered by New York Times bestselling author, Anya Bast. Fury is part one of a two part series. Tranquility is the sequel. These titles are highly erotic and meant for those 18 years or older.

Tranquility (OtherKin) – Anya Bast

Roane leaves the Fury werewolf pack to make room for his brother, Merrick, and his new mate. A natural alpha, there's nowhere Roane can go in wolf country and not stir up trouble. He settles in a town called Tranquility and immediately raises the hackles of the local pack leader.  Even worse, Roane gets one look at Scarlet, the pack leader's sister, and will do anything to possess her. Scarlet tries to resist him, but his touch inflames desire she can barely control. And that means heaps of trouble for both of them.  This short story is a free title, offered by New York Times bestselling author, Anya Bast. Tranquility is part two of a two part series. Fury is the title of part one. These titles are highly erotic and meant for those 18 years or older.

One Last Bite - Heidi Betts

**Spoiler Alert! Do not read this epilogue until you’ve read MUST LOVE VAMPIRES. Unless you don’t mind ruining your appetite by eating dessert first...** “MUST LOVE VAMPIRES is drop dead funny! If you are in a bad mood, pick this book up and I swear you will laugh your butt off! MUST LOVE VAMPIRES is a guaranteed pick me up! Heidi Betts’s MUST LOVE VAMPIRES features wondrous characters and killer plots guaranteed to make you giggle and swoon!”
- In ONE LAST BITE, national bestselling author Heidi Betts brings you the tantalizing happily-ever-after finale to her full-length vampire romance MUST LOVE VAMPIRES.

Vampire Assassin (Jane #1): Samantha Warren

When life gave Jane pointy teeth, she decided to make the most of them. In this 15,000-word novella, Jane takes you with her on one of her jobs and goes through the harrowing tale of how she fell in love and lost more than just her life. This is the first part of a series of novellas.The novellas are not stand-alone and should be read in sequence, as each one builds upon the last. Books 2-4 are available in a bundle at half price. Look for Jane (Vampire Assassin Series) on Amazon.

Lure of the Night (Book 1, Vampire Winter Saga): Bethany Knox

In a small town in America, Claire Winter makes two discoveries that will change her life forever. The first is an ancient Vampire Coven, the second is Ethan, the beautiful but puzzling boy she meets at Senior High and falls in love with. Their relationship is thrown into turmoil when she finds a tie between Ethan and the Vampire Coven. Her startling discovery forces her on a quest for truth that puts more than her life in mortal danger.  Claire has no choice but to embark on a hunt that takes her to Europe and back to North America, to the empty wastes of Canada via the voodoo-ridden city of New Orleans. She begins to discover the real truth about herself, it is both shocking and terrifying. For the cult of the Vampires exerts a powerful force on Claire that threatens to destroy her very soul. While family and friends hesitate, there is only one constant in her life that she can rely on. One person who will never fail her. Ethan.

The Vengeful Vampire: Marissa Farrar

This SHORT STORY (approximately 4,000 words) is the prequel to the dark vampire-romance novel ‘Alone’. The first ten chapters of ‘Alone’ have also been included for your enjoyment. It is the year 1898, the year of the Spanish-American War, and Sebastian Bandores is aboard a ship, returning home to Spain. After serving his country, he hopes to be reunited with his wife and young daughter after two years of separation. But someone else is waiting for Sebastian at the port, a vampire. As her obsession with Sebastian grows, so both his mortal life and that of his family is threatened.

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