Monday, November 14, 2011

ARC Review: Stephanie Julian - How to Worship a Goddess

Forgotten Goddesses Series:
Book 2:
How to Worship a Goddess: Lucy the Etruscan Goddess of the Moon and Brandon Stevenson
Lucy is one of the forgotten Etruscan Goddesses, over the past millennium as times and worships change she has lost most of her power. If she hadn’t had her Luciani (werewolves) she truly would be forgotten. One of Lucy’s few pleasures left in life is hockey and one hockey player in particular. Each game Lucy sits in her seat and lusts for Brandon Stevenson, if only she could find a way to meet the intriguing hockey player.  Each game Brandon notices the sexy woman that sits in the same seat, there is something about her that has him on edge.  He doesn’t just want to meet her, he needs to with every fiber of his being. He is approaching stalker status and tracks the beautiful Lucy down to a bar that is not even on the map. Instantly these two go up into sensual flames, both have the night of their lives, until morning approaches and Lucy knows she has to wipe Brandon’s memory and send him home. Only the spell doesn’t take (because she didn’t want it too?) and Brandon comes back the next night.  Lucy knows she should send him away, but she can’t. But danger surrounds Lucy and she fears he is now smack dab in the middle of immortal affairs as a “weak” human. Has her desire killed a good man?
So I have different standards for erotica verses a “regular” romance. For me the emphasis is definitely placed on different aspects when dealing with erotica. I would definitely place this book more into the erotica genre then the standard romance genre because the “scenes” are hot enough to steam up the pages.  I’m not usually a huge fan of erotica I tend to like a little more story to my books, but the concept of goddess meets hockey player intrigued me. I have to say I’m a fan of hockey themed romances (Think Rachel Gibson Chinooks Series, it has some of my favorite books of all time), so when I saw this one on Netgalley I scooped it up, hoping for a good story. At first I was a little disappointed, the story was looking like it was going to be straight erotica with very little character involvement. After about 30-40% of the way through the book the story started getting more involved and we got to know our characters a little better. Brandon is a super sexy, very aggressive, dominate male. He doesn’t care that Lucy is a Goddess, when it comes to the bedroom he is all male and a man that will dominate with his fierce personality. He is a man that will love and protect with the same fierceness. Lucy is a goddess, she is used to being worshipped and never having her will questioned. With Brandon he doesn’t care that she is a goddess demands surrender from this proud woman, Lucy finds that with Brandon she can lose herself as she never has before. Times are changing, Lucy is changing and she finds that with Brandon maybe these changes aren’t so bad.  I liked Lucy and Brandon and their journey together. This is a fast paced novel, with plenty to keep you turning pages.  There are some small issues such as some repetitive moments and sentences throughout the book. We really don’t get to know our characters until later on in the novel and I prefer more of a build up, I at least to know my characters a little more before they are knocking boots non-stop. LOL. But overall, it was pretty good. I’d read the next one in the series; see where S. Julian is taking us.  
*This title was provided to me through NetGalley by the publisher for an honest review.

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