Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review: Thea Harrison - Storm Heart

The Elder Races Series:
Book 2:
Storm Heart: Tiago Black Eagle and Niniane Lorelle
For the past 200 years Niniane has been known as Thistle Periwinkle. As Thistle she acted as the PR spokesperson for Cuelebre Enterprises. When she was just 17 Niniane’s family was slaughtered by her Uncle to take the throne from her family, barely escaping with her life she headed to NYC and to Dragos where he has hidden her and kept her safe from her uncle. Now that her uncle is dead (circumstances of his death are in book 1) Niniane has returned to Chicago take her place as the rightful Queen to the Dark Fae.  Back into the fold of the Dark Fae Niniane has already had an attempt on her life. Her cousin thought that he could take her out, but thanks to the Wyr she calls family he was not successful, but he will no longer be trouble for her.  Terrified for her life, Niniane takes off on her own.  Back in NY Tiago is prowling, he hates the city and itching for a war any war to participate in. Maybe he’ll start a war just so he can fight. As one of the truly ancient Wyr’s he is more feral then most and can barely tolerate civilization.  When he hears Niniane has gone missing, he immediately takes off for Chicago to find her. Tiago does not reflect on his behavior, unlike his fellow Wyr’s he barely knows Niniane and has only talked to her a handful of times over the past 200 years.  When he finds her drunk and bleeding, he realizes he is in more trouble than he ever realized and then he realizes that Niniane is in more trouble then they realized as another attempt on her life is made.  More determined than has ever been in his life, Tiago vows that no one is going to get to Niniane again. No one will be able to budge him from her side, not even Niniane herself.
Oh how I love Tiago! He is all alpha male, dark, intense, brooding, warrior, more in touch with his animal self then his human self.  He knows what he wants and does not hesitate.  His animal self is quite intriguing as well as one of the only Thunderbirds in existence.  Lightening can shoot from his eyes and he can bring on a vicious storm from his temper. He is not a bird you want to mess with … EVER! He was once even revered as a God in ancient times. Niniane is Tiago’s total opposite, more comfortable in a spa then the outdoors. She is girly girl personified!  She is a woman after my own heart, she likes her shopping, shoes, fashion magazines, but has a spine of steel, she is not someone you want to tangle with or you may lose your own life.  (Just look at what happened with her cousin, he didn’t live to tangle with her again) After the deaths of her family she found a way to survive and find her way to Dragos demanding he take her in and protect her. I can respect a feisty, determined, girly girl. When Tiago and Niniane tangle sparks fly and sensuality reigns supreme.  The chemistry coming off these two is off the charts. I love how protective Tiago is of Niniane and how well he adapts to her lifestyle. He is a man used to war not politics but he quickly adapts to this new life and becomes an asset to Niniane as they navigate the world of Elder Races politics. Thea Harrison, creates a fun, dangerous and intriguing world with this series. Its where Wyrs( including dragons, unicorns, griffons), fae, witches and elves rub elbows and everyone just tries to get along enough to not kill to may “people”. One of the most fun worlds I have read to date.  I flew right through this book and enjoyed every moment of it. I highly recommend this series to paranormal lovers, you will not be disappointed. I’m just sorry it sat in my TBR Mountain for so long before I got to it.
My only dislike is the covers: The covers on this series really leave something to be desired. That may have been one of the reasons this series kept getting pushed back. Snobish I know, I can't help it. I instinctively am more drawn to a better cover or at least not a cheesy cover.

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