Sunday, December 4, 2011

ARC Review: Linda Wisdom - A Demon Does it Better

Demons Series:

Book 2:

A Demon Does it Better: Dr. Lilli Carter and Jared

book cover of 

A Demon Does It Better 

 (Demons, book 2)


Linda Randall Wisdom

Release Date: January 1st, 2012

Nurses keep disappearing from the supernatural hospital; one of those nurses was Sera, one of Lilli’s good friends. Lilli is a gifted witch and healer and was once a physician at that hospital, so she decides she can easily return and try to figure out where her friend disappeared to, she knows Sera didn’t just take off. When she arrives she realizes things may be more difficult then she anticipated. Jared is a rare Shadow Demon, the first time he sees Lilly he knows there is something special about her, but knows he is in no position to do anything about his strong attraction. The first time Lilly sees Jared he looks like he is straight out GQ. He is tall, put together and about the most gorgeous man she has ever seen, to say she was attracted would be an understatement. The next time she sees him he just appears in her living room and she finds herself intrigued yet annoyed he could get past her wards. The third time she sees this man it’s on the floor in a cell in the mental ward of the hospital, filthy, covered in cuts and bruises from the orderlies brutal treatment.  Jared has been declared homicidally insane by his demon clan and the current Dr. in charge. Lilly is now even more intrigued, how can he be a locked up in the mental ward, yet appear out in the world looking like a million bucks, plus she knows he’s not insane?... As a healer she can sense all types of illness including mental illness and she doesn’t sense any mental illness in Jared, so why is he locked up?  The more time Lilly spends in the mental ward with the patients the more she realizes there is more going on than there should be; could this all be connected to the disappearances in the hospital? The more things don’t add up the more curious she gets. Jared is trapped in the “dungeon” but his shadows allow him to bust out of the place for short amounts of time, until Lilly, it was the only thing that kept him sane. The more time he spends with Lilly the more his spirit heals and the more he realizes there are big gaps of his memory missing from his time in the mental ward. As his beatings increase and more memory is missing he realizes he may not make it out of the “dungeon” alive.


I adored this book! I was pulled in from the very beginning, and was up most until 3am finishing it. I love me some witches especially the healers. How can you not love a healer!? The mental illness added something different to the mix, hospital themes are not uncommon but they usually do not deal with the mental illness side of the medical profession.  It was a refreshing change, one I welcomed whole heartedly. I really liked Lilly and Jared together, sometimes when there is an instant attraction and no angst or trying to fight the feelings it can seem fake, but with Jared’s captivity it added the necessary obstacle to overcome so it wasn’t too easy. There was A LOT going on in this book, there was something new with every page turn, but it all flowed seamlessly. You will not be bored that is for sure. As with the previous book in this series the side characters only add to the story rather than detract. I loved Lilly’s cat companion (not to be confused with a familiar) Cleo (as in Cleopatra former Queen of Egypt), she has plenty of sass and personality and I was quite fond of her. I found myself laughing often and almost shed a tear, so you really get pulled into the emotions L. Wisdom successfully tries to display. I highly recommend this read and will probably be rereading it again in the near future, I have a feeling this will be one of those books that sticks with me for a while. This book can be read as a standalone or as part of the series. You do get a visit from Maggie from the first book “Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend”.

*This book was provided for an honest review through NetGalley.


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