Sunday, December 4, 2011

ARC Review: Stephanie Rowe - Hold Me If You Can

SoulFire Series:

Book 3:

Hold Me If You Can: Nigel and Natalie

Release Date: January 1st, 2012

Natalie has been given a second chance in life after she was bite by a Deedum while she was very young she was left with an expiration date, having already lost her mother and everyone of her sisters except Reina, Natalie knows loss. Natalie beat the curse and now she wants to live her life, but she doesn’t know how, she lived in fear her whole life and then lived out of control before her “death” she now doesn’t know how to find that happy medium so has shut down everything having to do with sensuality and exists solely to get her shop back up and running and to catch glimpses of Nigel, the fearsome warrior yet sensitive artist that is best friends with her sisters mate. Nigel has lived with the curse of his metal all of his life, after killing his mother with them he has lived in fear of losing control. The only thing that has managed to help him keep his stability and serenity has been his art. Now that has been threatened and he can no longer draw, his stability has been compromised and the only person that can help him get it back is Natalie with her power of persuasion. For weeks Nigel has been watching and drawing Natalie but keeping his distance, but now he has no choice he needs her. Natalie’s power of persuasion is gone and right before the reopening of her store. She needs to get it back, and then Nigel comes to her for her help, but to be able to help him and herself she has to tap into a place within that she refuses to go, her sensuality. Nigel is willing to take one for the team, he has to get Pascal back from Mari, but to do so he has to be stable, so whats a man to do… He’s got to help Natalie tap into her inner sex pot. In the midst of seducing Natalie, stabilizing Nigel, setting up the store, avoiding more Deedums, rescuing Pascal from the clutches of Mari, they discover that Natalie has become Mari’s smut deposit and she is turning into the thing she fears most a Deedum. Things are not looking good for Nigel and Natalie, it is doubtful that either come out of the alive and sane.


I have to say that this series is one of my favorite paranormal series, it’s just so refreshing and not quite like anything else out. Stephanie Rowe really knows how to create a unique world and I am happy to visit it anytime. Nigel is sexy and that interesting combination between artist and warrior, who could resist a combination like that, it’s like getting the best of both worlds. He’s protective and fierce, yet understands what Natalie needs even if she doesn’t and can see deep into her soul.  Natalie is trapped within herself; she has lived in fear for so long and then lived so far out of control she doesn’t know how to live and now she has lost her powers and that is terrifying in itself. Natalie manages to stifle her inner essence, the thing that makes her who she is and Nigel is just the man to help her find it again. For Nigel she is willing to try. This book actually made me sit back and think a bit on myself and the way I live my life and reflect to see if I am living true to myself and it’s rare for that to happen and not unwelcome. However, while you are sitting there contemplating life you are still entertained by the twists and turns S. Rowe takes you on and laugh the whole way through. You really can’t ask for more. The only thing I missed in this book were my beloved cooky side characters, Augustus was barely there, the Godfather was only mentioned, Death and his crazy grandmother were not to be seen as well as my Blaine, Trinity and Reina. Oh how I love my strange characters from this series and oh how I missed you. Although, S. Rowe did give me some new ones and let me tell you, she left me dying to read the next installment! I don’t know when it’s going to be released but it’s not soon enough!

*This book was provided to me for an honest review through NetGalley.


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