Friday, January 6, 2012

Review: Karen Marie Moning - Shadowfever

Fever Series:

Book 5:

Shadowfever: MacKayla Lane and Jericho Barrons



Twenty years later, Alina is dead and Mac has returned to the country that expelled them to hunt her sister's murderer. But after discovering that she descends from a bloodline both gifted and cursed, Mac is plunged into a secret history: an ancient conflict between humans and immortals that have lived concealed among us for thousands of years.

What follows is a shocking chain of events with devastating consequences, and now Mac struggles to cope with grief, while continuing her mission to acquire and control the Sinsar Dubh--a book of dark, forbidden magic scribed by the mythical Unseelie King that contains the power to create and destroy worlds.


At the end of Dreamfever we are at the cusp of a catastrophic event, something that will change everything.  At the beginning of Shadowfever we find out what exactly had happened and the affect it had on Mac. Gone is Pink Mac, gone is everything she ever cared about. The new Mac has a new agenda and it is not pretty and in fact stands against everything.

Mac 4.0 is not my favorite Mac, In fact she drove me crazy through most of the first half of this book. So much so that I was yelling at her through the book like Mac could hear me. Lol. I’d get mad, put the book down from frustration, need to know what happened next so pick the book back up get mad again put it back down. It was an ongoing hate, frustration, get with the program love, want to smack her up upside the head and scream wake UP Mac, through pretty much all of the first half of the book.  By the middle of the book it appeared Mac was back with the program and a reinvented Mac once again to Mac 5.0. Although she did still have her identity crisis moments, were kind of funny. If I was having some of the thoughts she was having I probably would have been distressed too. What killed me is she had her head so far up her arse that she just kept leaving poor Christian in the mirrors. Poor guy was stuck in there for month’s earth time and years fae time. I’m surprised he came out with his sanity mostly intact. Shame on you Mac, he was her kind of friend and she needed him for the ritual and she would forget about him and it would be days or longer before she remembered him again. However, by the end she figures some stuff out. Starts taking things on faith and not giving up hope and realizes that yes she tends to make a disaster out of a lot. LOL. One thing about Mac is she usually realizes what an idiot she was once she gets past being an idiot.

Barrons: Im not telling you anything.  I know I suck, but you’ll thank me for it later.

This book is full of illusions and twists and turns. Up until the very end Moning keeps pulling surprises out of her never ending bag of tricks. There are some jaw dropping moments, some OMGs, she is not afraid to go where she needs to go to keep you on your toes in this series and especially in the last two books. Like I have said before just when you thought you had something figured out she goes and changes all the rules on your again and you have to reevaluate. Even as I was swearing at Mac, you were reacting. You come to care about all of the characters, you’re attached. If you didn’t care you would just be going ehh there she goes again with nothing behind it. But damn if I wasn’t caught up in this rollercoaster ride of a series and book. Bad things happen, good things happen, people die, its twist after turn of a fan F’ing tastic ride that I am glad I got on. This series was an excellent way to start the new year and I am very happy that I finally finally picked it up for the 2012 TBR reading challenge, otherwise it may still have been pushed back and I would have missed out of one hell of a ride.


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