Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cover Reveal: Nalini Singh - Archangel's Storm

There are not words for how excited I am for Nalini Singh's next Guild Hunter's novel Archangel's Storm. This book is Jason's tale and he is my favorite of the Seven! I know Nalini Singh will do him justice. Hell she took the unlikable Dmitri and totally redeemed him! 

Nalini Singh revealed this cover on Facebook today and if you don't have Facebook, here it is! 

Due out September 2012
Is it September yet??


How gorgeous is this cover? I'm in LOVE!

Archangel's Storm (Guild Hunter)


  1. I love Nalini's Psy/Changling series and have just had the hardest time opening these books. I am going to read them eventually.. I just don't know why I am having such a hard time with them

    1. @Shauni - You know they werent my favorite at first but somehow somewhere I really got into them. I would actually start with some of the novellas. I think its some of the side characters that really pull you in. Try Angels Pawn first, its short and its one of my all time favorite novellas. Let me know if you want it.