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Review: Nalini Singh - Angel's Flight

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For me Nalini Singh is the queen of novellas, I don’t particularly like reading novellas a lot of times you don’t feel connected to the characters and it feels rushed. With a Nalini Singh novella that is rarely the case, I never really feel like I missed anything with a N. Singh novella.

Novella 1: Angels Pawn – Ashwinni and Janvier

This is the first book in the series, but really it can be read at any time within the Guild hunters time frame. I’ve actually read this book before this anthology but I didn’t own it, so I was so excited that it was included. It’s almost more fun to have read after reading some of the other books because you have heard about Ashwinni tracking down Janvier, so this bit of a back story for me was more amusing.

The basic story is that one of Rafael’s Angels is having problems with two different vampire factions in his territory over a power struggle. Instead of solving it on his own he sends for Ashwinni. Ashwinni having heard of this angel’s particularly cruel disposition refuses to go it alone and calls on Janvier a powerful vampire whom she is often hunting, and together they are the pawns in a game between two powerful vampire fractions and an even more powerful angel.

This is quite possibly my favorite novella of all time, its hecka short but it packs a lot of action into a few pages. This is my go too novella if I don’t have a lot of time but want to read something. I adore Ashwinni and Janvier and I swear I may cry if they don’t get their own full length book! Some may feel like the ending isn’t enough, but I think of it as a… To Be Continued… Because this is not the last time you see these two.

Novella 2: Angel’s Judgment – Sara and Declan

This novella is originally printed in “Must Love Hellhounds” and is a short story on Sara right before she accepts the directorship for the Guild. Declan is the Guilds “Slayer” he tracks and kills rogue hunters and now he is sent to protect the luscious future director from the Cadre who will likely test Sara before she becomes the Guild director. What Sara and Declan don’t count on is the instant attraction and the fact that Sara will likely become Declan’s boss. On top of the Cadre, Sara and Declan really do have a potential rogue hunter issue they must solve.

This novella is action packed from beginning to end and Declan is simply a very tasty morsel that I wouldn’t mind eating up. I would suggest reading this novella before you start the series if you have not already. I did not read this novella first and when I was reading the first book I felt like I had missed something with Sara and Declan and I later found out why, because I had. My only issue with this novella… Was that I wanted more! It was too short I wasn’t ready for it to end.

Novella 3: Angel’s Wolf – Noel and Nimra

After being severally tortured Noel is sent to Louisiana to the seductive angel Nimra’s court. Thinking it to be a demotion for a scarred vampire, Noel is surprised that Rafael had more faith in him after all. Someone is trying to kill Nimra and it is someone close to her. Nimra needs someone from the outside, someone that she can trust. Noel is damaged his torture affected him in ways that cannot be seen from the outside, but in Nimra’s court and in her arms he starts finding his self-worth once more.

This story was my least favorite of the four, I really didn’t remember Noel from Archangel’s Kiss, it had been so long since I had read that book, I couldn’t place him and it kind of drove me to distraction the whole novella. I’m kind of obsessive like that. I liked Noel, but I didn’t feel much for Nimera. She guess just was not really my cup of tea. It wasn’t a bad story by any means, and still a lot better than most novellas’ but it wasn’t one of my favorites.

Novella 4: Angel’s Dance - Jessemy and Galen

This is Jessemy’s and Galen’s story! Yay! Who doesn’t love Jessemy the few times we saw her at the refuge. She is the teacher of the little angels and is so warm hearted. This story takes place 400 years in the past. Rafael is a new Archangel and his territory is being threatened. Galen has just come to the Refuge to become Rafael’s weapons Master. You see a very young Illium (Sans silver tipped wings, if you’ve read the series you know what that means), Dmitri is the same old Dmitri, if I didn’t love him, I’d hate him. LOL. But the real story is between Galen and Jess, and it is a good story. The Warlord and the Teacher, a pairing that you would never expect but somehow works so well. Galen is the strength that Jess needs and Jess is the love and compassion that Galen needs.

This story is in some stiff competition with Angel’s Pawn for favorite. This is a new novella, the other three you could find in other anthologies but this one is all for Angel’s Flight. I would recommend buying this book for this novella alone. I truly loved it and it was longer than the other stories. You really get to see the beginnings of the Seven and Rafael’s reign as an archangel. Loved it, loved it, loved it. I was up late finishing it last night.

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  1. Well I finally did it.. I started the series.. you were right.. most excellent.. LOL.. on Archangel's Kiss.. read.. Angel's Pawn, Angel's Blood, Angel's Judgement... I will be posting my review of Angel's Blood tomorrow.. gotta make sure ManCandy has plenty of time above the fold..

  2. See, what did I tell ya. I so love the Seven! Yummy! Jason is mine tho, just letting you know. haha