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Review: Gena Showalter - The Darkest Seduction

Lords of the Underworld Series:

Book 9:

The Darkest Seduction: Paris/Promiscuity and Sienna Blackstone/Wrath


After Sienna’s death Paris has been searching the Heavens for Sienna’s soul, murdering, seducing, lying, cheating, doing whatever he has to, to find her with a single minded determinedness.  Now he is in the verge of finding her, he can feel it.  Sienna has been living in hell for month, well not literally, you never can tell with this crew. Cronus has stashed her in a hidden part of the heavens, the only way out is when Wrath takes her over. Her prison/castle replays her worst memories over and over, including her abduction and seduction of her biggest regret, Paris. If only Sienna could find him again, apologize, love on him, something and if only he could see her as a ghost he can’t. Paris has finally found one of the last clues, Viola a minor goddess of the Afterlife and keeper of Narcissism knows a way so that he would be able to see Sienna again now that he knows where Sienna is likely being held. If only he can get her to stop talking about herself long enough to get the instructions out of her. Ahhh, finally the answers, now he can see, touch and taste Sienna, now all he has to do is find her and when he finds her he’s going to take her again, one last time. One of these days Sienna is going to kill Cronus King of the Gods, he knows where her sister is and he won’t tell, not until Sienna sells herself out to Galen to aid Cronus’s cause, what his cause is, she is not sure but she is sure it is nothing good. If only she could escape Cronus, find Paris, make love to him one more time; then find Galen, then behead Cronus and life would be grand.


This book is not going to be one of my favorite Lords books I am sad to say and I am not really sure where to start with this book, it just covered a lot of points and so much happened; I guess the first place to start would be with Paris and Sienna since they were our main characters, although this book in no way solely focused on these two. I am going to try really hard to not give any real spoilers.

First Paris, so I'll start by say Paris has always been among my least favorite Lords. I just never connected with him and I still don't connect with him. He still remains one of my least favorite Lords, he just seems so flat compared to some of the other Lords, maybe it's the nature of his demon. I don't know. See with Strider I didn't particularly care for him, but I didn't dislike him either but by the end of The Darkest Surrender, I highly enjoyed him, and he endeared himself to the reader. Paris is still ehh for me and I'm sure I'll get some flak for that, because I know he is quite widely loved, but I usually go for the offbeat ones. =) Like my lovely Aeron and side note I am not happy how little book time he got, I'm crying on the inside. And I wanted to slap Paris upside the head anytime Sienna mentioned Cronus and the prophecy. Um, HELLO you know the All Seeing Eye you jackass, so go ask her; maybe try using your brain instead of your .... ah primary brain! So, I expressed that Im not much a Paris fan, but he does have some redeemable qualities. He takes responsibility for his actions and acknowledges that he hasn't always done the right thing and has been pretty selfish for 1000s of years but all that stops now, we as soon as he can find Sienna. He obviously cares for his Sienna and will do anything to protect her, even put himself in harm's way. And I really enjoyed his very refreshing, honesty is the best policy when dealing with his past and present with Sienna. He basically puts all out there, so she can't say she didn't get full disclaimer.

Sienna, going into this book, I don't really have much feeling about her in general. She kinda seemed a bit timid and mousy. She comes into her own in this book; she finds her backbone and her temper. She stands up to Paris, Cronus and Galen, which I doubt she would have been able to do before. She cares deeply for people, always looking to protect those she loves and those her love, loves. I'd have to say she grows on me. I am kind of disappointed with her relationship with Wrath. So Wrath is a totally BADASS demon, he kills, maims, tortures and punishes those who deserve it. Aeron was totally BADASS in his own right, his carrying that demon seemed right, Sienna carrying Wrath doesn't fit for me. (I swear I'm not biased or anything! I know Aeron is my favorite, but come on) She really just isn't badass or remotely scary and those poor wings, may never see much airtime. It just makes me wanna cry, I just can't picture anyone else with Aeron's wings. And speaking of wings, I may be crazy but I'm pretty sure Aeron could retract them into his body, yet Sienna can't seem too... It probably would have made her life easier. She was always dragging or tripping over her own wings.

So far, we have a hero that I'm eh about and a heroine that is pretty cool and comes into her own. For the book in general it's the background stories and the ending that made this book for me. The story between Paris and Sienna just wasn't strong enough for me to carry this whole book by themselves, most of their interaction was sex. And the back story of Cronus, Rhea and the Hunters, ugh! I'm WAY over it. Most of the book I was thinking damn will someone just K-I-L-L Cronus already, I'm tired of his ass. So, thankfully we have Ashlyn giving birth to the twins! YAY! I hope that's not too much of a spoiler. But I'm excited about it. We also have Zacharel one of the warrior angels who pops up quite frequently, enough to intrigue us and get us excited for the spin off series about him and his dark warrior angels. There is also William, and Gena Showalter lets a few things slip about him, that really have us scratching out heads thinking about who is William really? Not to forget poor Kane, who I never really thought about before, because he wasn't mentioned much, but I'm thinking about him now and I want to know more. I guess it's a good thing that his is the next Lords book. Oh and Anya, she is still my favorite spouse of the Lords, she is too damn funny! We need more of her. But we also now have Viola know who was um is "interesting" in her own right, the right word for her? She had me chuckling a few times in amusement. I mean she is the awesomest of awesome after all. Just when Sienna and Paris started boring me or when I was ready to kill Cronus myself we switched scenes to something else that did interest me. Like the twins or William, but one of the biggest shockers of this book, I actually kinda sort of started liking Galen *GASP* blasphemy I know, but its true none the less. The book gets the rating it gets almost solely for back stories and the ending, the last 15% of the book. Well worth the read just for the ending.

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