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Review: Thea Harrison - Oracle's Moon

The Elder Races Series:

Book 4:

Oracle's Moon – Khalil and Grace Andreas


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Grace comes from a long line of Oracle’s, the power of the Oracle passes down from one gifted female in the Andreas line to the next. When Grace wakes up in the hospital and realizes she has come into the Oracles power she knows something terrible has happened. Grace was never supposed to get the Oracles power, when her grandmother passed it went to Grace’s sister, now that Grace has the power she knows her sister is dead and she inherited this power along with an aging house, a pile of medical bills and two small children her niece and nephew.  Now several months later Grace is struggling to keep it all together when several of the highest levels of the Elder Races show up at her door. One of them is Khalil a Djinn Prince who Grace has secretly named Khalil “The Bane of My Existence”.  When Khalil first meets the Oracle he is less than impressed, her house is falling apart and she has a bad attitude; however, her kids fill a void he didn’t realize he had until he stayed to protect them.

Since the attack on her property that morning Grace realizes that she needs protection, she can feel “The Bane of her Existence” continued presence in her house and realizes he might be a pain in the a$$, but he’s a powerful pain in the aSS. As the days pass and her Power grows so does the threat to her life and that of her children, it starts becoming clear that the Law that protects the Oracle is no longer enough. What Grace didn’t realize is when you  bargain with a Djinn you better be prepared to pay up more than you ever thought you were bargaining.  Khalil can’t believe that Grace entered into a bargain with him for something he had already given her freely, but he doesn’t feel compelled to correct her as is the nature of a Djinn. The more time Khalil spends with Grace and the kids the more realizes  there is more to Grace then he first thought and this bargain will either be the best or the worst of his long long life. 


I absolutely adored this book; I actually have read it twice already! It has to be one of my favorite releases so far this year and that is saying a lot considering there has already been so many great books in the first quarter of 2012. I was a bit scared to start this book because I didn’t read the third book in the series “Serpents Kiss”, and this book picks up also immediately following the conclusion of that book so I thought I would be lost. There were a few references to the previous book; however, they were vague enough that I didn’t feel lost. I would definitely recommend that you have at least read the first book of the series before this book to better understand the different roles the characters play, but any of the other of the series is not necessary.  I was also a bit hesitant to read this book because typically I’m not a big fan of books where the plot has an emphasis on kids. I’m not a big fan of kids in general (Don’t judge me! Lol) so I usually avoid books with kids; however, in this book the kids where as they were a central theme they did not detract from the story. Chloe the young toddler had a cute spunky personality of her own which added humor to the story.   I found the children to be a value add to the story. Also in typical Thea Harrison fashion, there is a lot of light humor. She doesn’t rely on her humor to carry the book but it is strategically placed so that without really realizing it you are laughing at something that happened or was said. I think “achieving” pancakes was one of my favorite humorous parts of the book.  I didn’t want this book to end, but I feel like Thea Harrison left it where she will be able to come back to this couple in the future, and I hope she does because I know I didn’t get enough.

 Khalil is one of my favorite males of this series, I can’t decide if he surpasses Dragos or not, but it is definitely a close call. Khalil is one of the oldest of the Djinn, with extreme powers. His Power can take out entire cities so it’s a good thing he has a tight rein on his emotions until Grace and her kids enter the picture, now all bets are off. Khalil at first stayed because of the kids, he missed his own daughter who is damaged, but the more time he spends with the kids and in turn Grace, the more he realizes he has missed much in his long life. When we first meet Khalil he is uptight and removed from humanity, but little by little Graces knocks down his stiff attitude until he is teasing Grace as much as she teases him. His fierce protective nature and vast power is completely sexy and it is no wonder that he quickly moves from Grace’s “Bane of her Existence” to wanting to jump him at every opportunity. And let me tell you after reading this book I want a Djinn of my very own.

Grace is everything you want in your heroine she is feisty, strong, compassionate and a survivor. After the accident that permanently damaged her legs and killed her sister and brother in law, she doesn’t throw in the towel, but tries to make the most of a crappy situation.  At 23 she finds herself the newest Oracle, something she never wanted in the first place and the caretaker of two small children with a bum knee that pains her almost constantly.   She has next to no money with very limited opportunity to earn more with the kids and her duties as the Oracle. Her medical bills, student loans and day to day living have completely wiped her out. You never hear Grace complain about the cards she is dealt but instead tries to make the most of the situation. When Khalil enters her life, she at first finds him extremely arrogant and a pain in her a$$, but as she sees how he treats her children and his willingness to protect them, she quickly changes her initial opinion of him. Grace initially struggles with her new Power, but is able to take control of this Power and was able to do something no other Oracle in the past was ever able to do, which makes her a force to be reckoned with…


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