Friday, April 27, 2012

H.P. Mallory - Wuthering Frights Release Update

Fans of the H.P. Mallory - Dulcie O'Neil Series will be happy to know the release date got moved up! H.P. Mallory announced on her FB page today that Wuthering Frights will be released on May 1st, 2011. I am very happy to hear this news, because if you read the series you know that the last book Great Hexpecations left us on a jaw dropping cliff hanger. 

Not a fan but have been considering this series? Now is a great time to start. H.P. Mallory has books 1-3 on SALE at amazon for $2.99 for all three books. I highly recommend this series, it is fun, funny, and sassy and has a great supporting crew! Plus Knight is no slouch in the hero department. 

P.S. This title is not available for pre-order. I already checked. 

Copied text from H.P.’s Facebook.
 H.P. Mallory
OK so you all know that I like to surprise you every now and here's a surprise! LOL The next Dulcie book, Wuthering Frights, will be available on May 1st!

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