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Review: Tina Folsom - Edge of Passion

Cloak Warriors Series:

Book 1:

Edge of Passion: Aiden and Dr. Leila Cruickshank

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Able to render themselves invisible, immortal Cloak Warriors like Aiden have been protecting humans from the dark power of the Demons of Fear for centuries. But the demons might soon have a powerful tool in their hands to seduce humans to the dark side. And the person to provide them with this elixir is the human scientist Leila. Unbeknownst to her, the drug she’s developing to cure Alzheimer’s has the unexpected side effect of weakening the mind’s resistance to the influence of demons.

The Council of Cloak Warriors is divided, some of them believing the only safe way to eradicate this threat is to eliminate its inventor, others are bent on protecting the human scientist. Aiden is a loyal Cloak Warrior who accepts the assignment to protect her despite his own beliefs that humans can't be trusted. However, when her life is endangered, his beliefs shift, and he’s drawn into a battle whose participants are unknown: is he fighting the demons or his fellow Cloak Warriors?

Forbidden desire flares between Aiden and Leila as they are forced to rely on the only people they can trust: each other. And even if he can save her and defeat their enemies, a union between them might be the most dangerous undertaking of all.


I could not finish this book. I really really wanted to like it but I just couldn’t get into it. I got maybe 60% of the way through and I just gave up. I hate giving up on a book, but there are so many great books out right now that I couldn’t justify the time I was spending on this book when I wasn't truly invested. Ive heard such great things about Tina Folsom, I was disappointed that this book was a dud for me. I do still plan to read her other series, her Scanguards Vampires series in particular.

Our heroine grated on my nerves almost immediately. She had all the characteristics of a heroine that I usually would love. She was smart, strong willed and didn’t back down; but for some reason she just grated on me. Maybe it was she was so smart, yet stupid at the same time, and a bit hypocritical. She was a bit one dimensional and overall her personality fell flat. I wish I could have liked her, I expected to start liking her better as the book moved on, it just never happened and I gave up.

Our hero wasn’t so bad. A typical emotionally stunted alpha male type that lost someone young which of course altered the rest of his life. It is predictable, but still a bit of a classic. He was loyal, focused, honorable and actually believed in his work. He did kind of turn on his best friend pretty quick, although the evidence was pretty damning. He always did what was right, up until meeting our heroine. There wasn't really anything wrong with our hero, but there wasn’t really anything that stuck out about him either. In fact I just closed the book less than 10 minutes ago and I already can't remember his name or our heroines.

Our hero is a cloak warrior, a faction that protects humans from demons who are trying to take over earth. A much overdone subject matter, but I do have to admit there were a few things that were different such as the "cloaking" and the portals. Speaking of "cloaking" every time I heard the term cloak warrior I just could not get the image of a big man wearing a bright red cloak with the hood up, I tried and I tried to get this mental picture out of my head as it has nothing to do with their title but it remained and it made it hard to take the warriors seriously. lol! Sorry guys, I'm sure if the warriors were real they would be seriously offended by my mental picture. :-/

So anyway, back on subject, the plot was somewhat lack luster, with an irritating heroine and your average alpha male. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend anyone to take up this book, but I would discourage anyone as well. I am sure there are quite a few people that will definitely thoroughly enjoy this book and find it quite entertaining.  I think the series as a whole has some promise and expect it to do well.


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