Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

My thoughts on Snow White and the Huntsman:

The premise:

The revamped darker version of the old snow white. The kingdom was once peaceful under the reign of the king, Snow Whites father, until the phantom army swept in. The kings men fought the army and won, but found a beautiful “prisoner” who the king instantly became infatuated with and married the very next day. Ravenna kills the king in their marriage bed and lets the real army in, she throws Snow White in the tower and darkness reigns for many years. No one is strong enough to stand against the Dark Queen and her magic, until Snow White escapes her tower…

What I thought:

I had been waiting for this movie to come out, not because I love Snow White or anything but because I adore Charlize Theron. Theron and Hemsworth were the entire reason I went to go see this movie and were the entire reason this movie was worth it. 

Ok so where to start?  We will start with Theron, she acted her ass off, she was FANTASTIC! She was a bad bitch, she wore those costumes like the goddess she is. She inspired fear, yet was strangely vulnerable, you see more to the dark queen then the evil that she has become, but deeper to what she was made due to circumstances.   But she was still the Dark Queen and she played that role til the end she threw people around like they were rag dolls with a flick of her hand she WAS the Dark Queen! For Theron alone I would see this movie again. She is a Hollywood actress at her finest. She is more than a pretty face, she can actually act, she becomes the character she is playing you believe she is Ravenna the Dark Queen and witch a product of what fate has made her.  Her costumes were off the chain, elaborate and elegant and she wore them with finesse. I could have easily seen anyone getting lost in those elaborate costumes but not Theron she look regal and stunning.

The Huntsman, played Chris Hemsworth is also surprisingly good. Ok, we all know that Hemsworth looks good and he’s great in an action role as he has demonstrated as Thor, but as the Huntsman he got a little more emotional.  He’s a drunkard after the passing of his beloved wife, but as the only one whose gone into the dark forest and survived Ravenna needs him to fetch Snow White. The Huntsman is a fixture through pretty much throughout the film so we get to see a lot of him, oh darn. He has a surprisingly emotional scene when Snow White is in her death like sleep, it almost brings a tear to your eye.  I didn’t think he had it in him. Don’t worry there isn’t all that much emotional teary eyed from the Huntsman, you can certainly expect to see lots of fight from him as he protects Snow White from the Dark Queens men and watching Hemsworth fight is always a thing of beauty which I never tire of.

Now on to, Kristen Stewart, I’ll start by saying I am NOT a Kristen Stewart fan. I don’t think she is a very good actress, I only think she can barely get through the Twilight movies because her personality so closely matches Bella’s.   And even in those movies she’s still not very good. I saw some reviews were people were applauding Kristen Stewart’s acting in this movie and I can’t fathom where they are getting this opinion from… She has like 20 lines through the entire film! The little girl who plays a child Snow White I think has more lines then Kristen Stewart, hell the Dwarves have more lines! *Spoiler* When one of the Dwarves was dying in her arms the only thing she said was “Just breathe”, not even am “I’m so sorry, it was an honor to know you.” Or a “Your death will not be in vain.” Something, anything, just “Just breath” COME ON! He just DIED for YOU! Geez! Two words, that’s all, two and not even good words. Lame! *End Spoiler* Just about anyone could have played a better Snow White, hell even Amanda Seyfried would have been a better choice at least she can speak. How are you going to pit Stewart’s limited acting skills against an Oscar winning actress like Theron? Oh, yeah, just don’t let Stewart talk and limit any scenes where they are together, perfect way to solve that problem.

Overall, the movie was pretty good, I enjoyed it. It kept me entertained; there were a few moments where I felt like my intelligence was being insulted.  The timing of the chase was way off, to say the least and there were a few *hand to forehead* far-fetched moments, I won’t mention them and spoil any more of the movie than I already have.  The Dwarves were quite entertaining and I wish they were in the film longer I’d say they only occupied about a third of the film. They added a comic relief to the film without over doing it. *Spoiler* She doesn’t pick a guy which I thought odd but I guess it opens the possibilities for a Huntsman 2. *End Spoiler* I don’t call this movie Snow White since Snow White didn’t talk though most of the movie, let’s just call it what it was the Dark Queen and the Huntsman. LOL! The effects were pretty good; I enjoyed seeing them on the big screen. For the effects I think it would be worth seeing the movie in the theater over Redbox. 

I’d say go see if you were wanting to see it. If you were on the fence, maybe wait for Redbox. 

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  1. Totally agree with post. Theron and Hemsworth rock! Stewart is so one dimensional. Chewing her lip is her one great dramatic move.

    1. LMFAO!!! Lip chewing is indeed a great dramatic skill! I totally love how the title character in this film has the least amount of lines that took some serious talent from the screen writers, director and other actors to cover for Stewarts inability to act.