Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kresley Cole News – The Next IAD book

So I got the following info from Kresley Cole's FB page. Click here to "Like" Kresley Cole

She announced who will have the next IAD book. Sorry Lanthe fans, it wont be her, but fans of the Lykae will be happy!

“S&S website, my nemesis, you’ve scooped me again! :) Yes, my next IAD hardcover is titled MACRIEVE and yes, it’s coming out May 14th.

Don’t worry—Nix, Lanthe, and Furie will all get books! But Uilleam’s story fits better into the overall Accession timeline (plus my editor is jonesing for poor Uilleam, who we last saw escaping from the facility.) More news soon!”


  1. I can't wait. Everytime she comes out with a new one, I keep hoping it's Nix's book. Oh well, I love all of her books so I just keep waiting.

  2. Hmm I don't remember much about Uilleam. Is he one of the cousins? With a twin? Hmm yum, the lykaes are sooo hot! hehe I can't wait! Her books have the hottest alphas!

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  3. @Ning - He is one of the cousins. I know they are brothers but I dont think they are twins. Nix refers to them as Hot and Hotter. Uilleam was captured and on the island with everyone else. KC had hinted that he had found his mate there.

    @Danni T - I think I remember reading somewhere that Nix is going to be one of the last books. But the poor pobrecita probably needs it sooner rather then later, she is getting more and more cray-cray with every book. :/

  4. I'm kinda glad the It's the werewolves cuz in Regine's bk one of them had found his mate. I think that if nix gets her bk it should be the last, to close off the entire series. She still has a lot off ppl to help. No matter what, I'm Kresley Cole all the way :)

    1. @ Danni and Amanda - Yes, Uilleam is one off the twins. I'm not sure but i think he was the one who had found his mate in the island in Regine's book.