Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dirty Little Secret – Where Are Your Books?

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This week's question:
"With so many great books out and about, are you bookcases super organized or are your books scattered all over the place? We'll show you ours, now show us yours"
My Answer:
All over the damn place!! I love in about 650 sq feet so I don’t have much room. It’s one of the reasons I switched to eBooks.
Take a gander at my mess!
Ok so the first pic is from my entertainment center, you can see these books from the couch and some of my only exposed books.
The Second pic is my loot from RWA signing, those are all signed books. I need to figure out where to put them so for now they on my my desk.
The third and fourth pics are in enclosed shelves that are under my windows, so it’s kind of like a bench seating under a window. Not that I would ever actually sit there.
The fifth is a pile of books I need to send back to my friend Dawn. Dawn if you read this I  promise I’ll get them to you soon! Oh and the Lydia Dare book is your signed copy. Told you I got it. LOL!!
And lastly those are my two Kindles. Yes, two, who the hell needs two Kindles?! I guess I do. HAHA
So did you enjoy my mess?
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  1. OMG you managed to keep your books a lot more neat and organized than I did when I had about as much space as you! I just had to put mine in plastic bins then :) Great pics and congrats on the RWA loot!


    1. I feel so disorganized! Thanks for making me feel not so bad about all my piles everywhere! LOL. =)

      RWA was my first convention type of deal, it was pretty cool!

  2. You're so organized!!!!!!!! Thanks, now I feel like crap :P


  3. I love black bookcases. They just look so nice :) And, yeah, looks pretty darn organized to me too! Love those little vases in the first pic!

    Anna@Herding Cats

  4. Amanda darling--You are so like me :)
    My books are everywhere right now. I can't wait to move and settle things in their proper place. ACK! I have 2 kindles myself--the 3G wireless and the Fire, which I won.l
    LOVE your pics!
    Here are mine:

  5. LOL Amanda theres no rush sweetheart :) You can keep them as long as you want! Funny my room looks exactly like that. I still havent stopped buying paperbacks even though I have the kindle. Im totally addicted to buying books lol

  6. Great pics. There seems to be a definite method to you madness.