Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review: Chloe Neill – Biting Cold

Chicagoland Vampires Series:
Book 6:
Biting Cold: Merit and Ethan

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We pick this book up right where we left off with Drink Deep. Ethan is now alive due to Mallory’s magic but we don’t know exactly what that will mean for him. Ethan has proclaimed himself to Merit and things appear that they will finally work out for these two, if they can surivive the coming fight. They have to beat Mallory and now Mayor Tate to the book, or all of the world’s evil may escape. On top of that the Cadogan House has a coming review and it is not looking good for them.
Ok, I’ll start this review by saying that it was missing something, that something extra that the past couple of books have had. There were no real surprises and the outcome was pretty clear from the get-go. It was still a fun story but it was lacking something.
As for Ethan and Merit I thought finally, finally they were going to get their ish together and be roses and daisy’s from here on out, but no…. Ethan, again went all cave man on Merit, why? Because he put a bruise on her, as if she isn’t almost dying every other day anyway, like a bruise is anything to her. I guess I could see that he had a bit extra going on in his head but it was a lame excuse at best. I was actually hoping for a bit that Merit would give up on him and move on. He is so hot and cold and I kind of liked Jonah for her. But never fear they worked it out by the end so we do have a happyish ending.
In this book we have two Mayor Tates to worry about, yes, that’s right, two. How can there be two Mayor Tates you ask, when in previous books there was only one? Um, I’m not going to tell you, you’ve got t read the book. But I can tell you this; one of the Mayor Tates has a serious attitude problem and needs to die ASAP!
So what happens with Mallory? I thought this whole book would be about battling Mallory, but really, that was wrapped up pretty neatly in the beginning of the book. Most of Mallory’s role in this book was being contrite and occasionally consulting. She knows how big she went crazy and is now in the position of not knowing what to do to make it right. Both Catcher and Merit are at a loss as what to do with Mallory, thankfully the shifters step in. Can I say how much I love them? I wish they had bigger parts and I totally wish Gabriel was single, because I’d totally scoop him up in a heartbeat. Too bad he’s married when we first meet him that could have had interesting hook up potentials.
At the end we have to deal with the GP and what that means to the house. We aren’t really left with a cliffhanger per say but more of big changes coming in the future. There is a very important vote that occurs and depending on the outcome it could mean that everything changes for the Cadogan House. I’m kind of excited to see how that all work out.
Amanda P ratings 3 half moons
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