Thursday, August 2, 2012

RWA Signing 2012 – Pictures

So I drove out to Cali for this years RWA signing. There were something like 400 authors there signing books. Each book you signed the proceeds went to support fighting illiteracy, so I was happy to buy books from my favorite authors to sign, after all it was for a great cause! The only bummer is some of the more well known authors ran out of books and they tended to only have their newest release. Several of the authors I already owned their newest release, so I didn’t purchase another book but they were nice enough to give other swag or just let me take their pictures! I love authors, they are so nice!

So here are some of the pictures of authors signing their books for me or just humoring me and just posing for the camera. 
A. Ivy - SigningC. Brown - SigningD. Jones - SigningHP Mallory - SigningJ. Estep - SigniingM. Marlowe - SigningM. Willingham - SigningN. Peeler - SigningN. Singh - SigningT. Harrison - SigningT. Hogan - Signing

This was such a great experience! I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the RWA signing.
*Oh and I am missing pictures of Kristen Callihan and Nora Roberts, I started taking pictures after their booths. Sad smile
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  1. siggghhhhh... I should've went!!! I live in so-cal!!! Wasn't it in Anaheim? I'm all but 22 miles away from there >.< Great picks! Thanks for sharing!

    Ana♥ Beach Bum Reads

    1. I want to live in Cali!! so many conferences and conventions there. seriously ana u should've gone!

    2. It was in Anaheim! Right by the Angels stadium. I actually live in PHX so I drove out there for this event, well that and to hang with a friend that lives in Cali.

      Ana- You totally should have gone. I hope its in the West Coast area again next year! I'd love to go again.

  2. so jealous of all of u who live in Cali! There're always great author events there!