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Review: Alexis Morgan - Savage Redemption

Vampire Series:
Book 5:
Savage Redemption: Conlan Shea and Kat Karr
Savage Redemption
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Just when he's getting his life back on track, the woman responsible for ruining it arrives—in jeopardy—on his doorstep.When gunfire erupts just outside the gates of the O'Day estate, chief of security Conlan Shea is first on the scene. With bared fangs, the half vampire, half human gently turns the wounded victim over only to find himself staring into the exquisite turquoise eyes of the woman who ripped his heart out three years ago.
Kat Karr. The name still evokes such turmoil. One night of fierce passion had cost Conlan his life, his job and his heart. Now she's back, injured and desperate for help. Kat's in real danger, and Conlan is her only hope. With the enemy fast approaching, Kat is running out of time. Suddenly for Conlan, revenge doesn't seem so sweet.
Even though this is the fifth book in the series and I have not read the previous four books, I did not have a difficult time picking up this series and the world that it was set in. It was pretty easy to slip into mood.
Overall, this title was good, it wasn’t great but it was good. It didn’t have that extra something to pull it ahead to truly make it a great book that pulls you in and keeps you there until you are done. While Conlan and Kat were on the run and in danger the actual danger/action factor was not high, the feeling of danger was just not there, not like some books where the book reads like a high octane action movie.
I usually love a rekindle love affair, but this one was mediocre, I just had a hard time buying it. I mean because of Kat Conlon served two years in jail and almost died, should have died actually and he forgave her pretty quickly. Especially since Kat never really apologized or seemed all that contrite about what she did at least not until the end. I am Italian enough to hold more of a grudge before forgiving. Kat was kind of eh, for me, but I did enjoy Conlon despite his quick to forgive. He was loyal, strong and a protector, everything that makes up a good alpha male. He stuck with Kat even when she was bashing him over the head.
For me it was the side characters that brought a lot to this book, they each had their own personalities that added a fun aspect to this book. I may look for the next books in the series just to get more glimpses of some of the unmated side characters.

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