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Review: Keri Arthur - Beneath a Rising Moon

Ripple Creek Werewolf Series:

Book 1:

Beneath a Rising Moon: Duncan Sinclair and Neva Grant

Beneath a Rising Moon (Ripple Creek Werewolf, #1)

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On the werewolf reservation of Ripple Creek, a killer is on the loose. Three women are dead, their bodies mutilated and faces slashed. A fourth, Neva Grant's twin, lies in the hospital, fighting for her life.Psychically linked, Neva shared the horror of her twin attack and makes a silent vow by her sister's hospital bed. She'll hunt down the killer, if Savannah finds the strength to live.The Rangers believe the killer is a member of the Sinclair pack, but Neva knows the Sinclairs will never talk to an outsider. To begin the hunt, she first has to seduce a Sinclair--and then she has to keep him interested long enough to find the killer. The only Sinclair not under suspicion is a wolf with a hard drinking, hard loving reputation. But has she got what it takes to attract a man with such experience? Neva doesn't know, but for her sister's sake, she has to try.Duncan Sinclair has been called back home to find a killer, and he wants nothing more than to complete his task and get out of the town for which he has no love. Then he's approached by a wolf who obviously has more than seduction on her mind, and he finds himself ensnared in a growing web of desire and deceit.As the murders continue and the killer's shadow draws ever closer, Duncan and Neva find themselves having to trust each other in order to survive. But can they trust the emotions flaring between them? Or will the lies of the present, the deeds of the past, and a killer's bloody intentions tear them apart?

So I have been wanting to give something by Keri Arthur for a while now, but hadn’t had the chance. When saw this title on NetGalley on swooped it up! I am pretty glad that I did. I quite enjoyed this tale. I haven’t read about wolves in a while so this one hit the spot.

So basically Duncan was the black sheep of an already wild family. So you know he just had to be a really wild one. Ten years ago he left Ripple Creek after his second arrest. He knew he would never be able to live down his past in the reservation and he knew he needed to change so he left.  His father brought him back to investigate murders on the Sinclair land. The Sinclairs knew all signs pointed towards their family so they needed someone on the inside to find the real killer. I really enjoyed Duncan he was an intoxicating mix of bad boy and good. He has mostly changed in the past ten years even if no one wants to believe it, but he still maintains some of his wickedness at least when it comes to Neva. He is immediately drawn to Neva, something about her basic goodness draws him in. When he realizes she was plating him, he flips his switch on how he treats her, but he can’t keep up for long. He quickly realizes that he cares far more then he should since she may just be the enemy and working for the killer….

Neva is a sweetheart, I love her loyalty to her sister. If my sister was mauled I’d probably do the same thing as Neva. Neva risks everything to hunt out her sisters attacker. I love how she quickly realizes how much over her head she really is, she’s no idiot. Even though she realizes she’s in over her head she still goes through with her plans, even though it may mean her family disowns her. You see, her pack is on the opposite side of the Sinclairs when it comes to most political and moral issues. Her parent’s are less then pleased when they find out she is sharing the week with Duncan. I really disliked Neva’s parents, to say they were hypocrites' is an understatement, but I adored Neva’s twin Savannah. She sticks by her twin even when their parent’s don’t. Through out this whole tale Neva finds out what she is really made of. She was mostly obedient and never did anything daring, but by the end she finds herself and her courage even to stand up to a killer and even more scary, her parents!

There is plenty of intrigue, twists and turns and wolfy behaviors for any paranormal reader to enjoy and plenty of romance for the romance reader. This story is a bit on the darker, edgier spectrum and that works for me! I love a darker world as much as I love the lighter more humorous stories. The story engaged me from the beginning and kept me ensnared until the very end and had me looking up the 2nd book in the series immediately.  I quite thoroughly enjoyed this tale and will be reading more from Keri Arthur, she has several series to choose from including more wolves!

*This title was provided to me through NetGalley for an honest review. No other compensation was provided.

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