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Review: Kerrigan Byrne – Unwanted

Highland Historical:

Book 3:

Unwanted: Finn and Rhona McEwan
  Unwanted (Highland Historical, #3 Holiday Novella)
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From Goodreads:
His heart was made of ice...
Born a nameless bastard into the Berserker horde, Finn is the measure of strength, ferocity, and brutality at the Temple of Freya. Sent to the Highlands bent on revenge and murder, he stumbles on an infant deserted in the snow. What he chooses next may seal his fate.
Her life was cold and empty...
Rhona McEwan has lost everything. Her husband, her child, and soon she fears she must relinquish her dignity in order to survive the bitter Highland winter. When the most fearsome, mysterious, and breathtaking man seeks the help she can give to the child in his arms, she's unable to turn them away. Even though she's not certain he's entirely human.
Three of the world's Unwanted...
On a snowy Solstice night during the magical Yuletide season, their need for each other may alter their destines forever.
Kerrigan Byrne does it again! She weaves a delicious and intriguing tale of a fierce berserker who has always remained on the outside and a lonely widow whose life has never been easy.  From the first couple of pages I was drawn into the story, starting with Finn about to go into a berserker rage and leap into a fight only to find that it’s a wee baby making all that mighty noise. Driven by a compassion that he never knew he had, he grabs the baby and makes for the nearby village not knowing that one act changed his fate forever.
So it’s no secret that I love me a berserker and that I snap up just about anything I can find that features these fierce warriors. There is just something about a warrior that is so fierce and can fly into a rage and slaughter entire armies but yet be so gentle with his mate as if she is the most cherished thing he has ever come across. Finn is no different. All of his life he has been unwanted, the bastard son of some unknown berserker, even his own clan treats him worse than the dogs they make him eat with. Always he has longed for a family or even a name, something to tell him who he is or where he came from. When he meets Rhona he finds a measure of calm within his raging storm. His attraction is as fierce as he is and he can’t help himself when he propositions her for one night, one night he can allow himself before he walks to his very doom because there is little chance of his walking away from a fight with two mated berserkers. Such is his life as soon as he finds something he wants to keep, he knows it’s all going to be taken away. His loneliness is so tangible that it leaves an ache in your heart. Finn is such a strong character that it saddens you to feel his despair. Finn will capture your heart and leave you breathless!
Rhona is much like Finn and yet so different. She is soft where he is hard, a bleeding heart especially when it comes to children. Having lost her own child she yearns for what she has lost.  She has a fierce protective streak which by the end of the night transfers to Finn. In Finn she finds what she has always lacked a handsome warrior that makes her feel treasured. Her life has been a series of disappointments going from bad to worse, and now she is at the very edge of desperation.  Her very survival is becoming harder and harder, until a strange man shows up at her door during a raging storm. In her one night with Finn she discovers what her body was made to feel but never did. She also discovers a depth of emotion that she didn’t know was possible especially only having known the warrior for such a short period.  You will love Rhona as much as you love Finn. She protects the foundling baby as if it was her own. When she is struggling with herself you are rooting for her to break through, knowing what she has in store for her on the other side. After their night together even though she knows it is futile she takes Finn into her heart as easily as she took him into her body, but she doesn’t know that his life is basically forfeit.
K. Byrne just has this way of writing that is part lyrical, part humor and all passionate and it’s a combination I cannot resist. And why should I resist? When it’s that good there is no reason to say no, just say yes! You quickly get immersed into this story of two memorable easy to love characters. This is a love story that will warm your heart and will keep you entertained with its passion and epic battles.
Each book that I read by Kerrigan Byrne the more I love, she is a rising star that I know I am going to keep in my sites.
Amanda P ratings 5 moons

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