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ARC Review: Lydia Dare - Wolfishly Yours

Westfield Wolves Series:
Book 6:
Wolfishly Yours: Grayson Hadley and Miss Liviana Mayeux
 Wolfishly Yours (Westfield Wolves, #6)
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Release Date: November 1st, 2012
Accustomed to running wild with her Lycan brothers in the swamps of Louisiana, Miss Liviana Mayeux is shipped off to London where Lady Hadley offers to sponsor and assist her. Before she knows it, Vivi finds herself in the middle of a pack of English wolves who are all vying for her attention. But Lady Hadley's handsome son Grayson is determined to keep her out of trouble. If only he knew how...
So I adore Lydia Dare books, they are fun light reads that always warm your heart. The paranormal aspect in this book is so light that even those who do not enjoy paranormal would not be fazed. I think lovers of paranormal as well as historical romance will love this books and series.
I adore the Hadley brothers especially the twins! They are just so delightfully roguish and their intentions are good but they always seem to be off when it comes to actually enacting their good intensions.  Poor Gray, he keeps trying to do right by Livi but every time he tries to do something good it backfires so horribly onto Livi. Because of Gray’s missteps she is nearly RUINED in the eyes of the Ton. From the minute Gray laid eyes on Livi he was entranced by her, not just by her beauty but by her brash and straight forward manner. However, he knew that she in in England maybe not by choice but her fate is sealed, to find a rich, respected member of the Ton. Gray knows he is neither and that he should stay far far from this ravishing beauty but against his will he keeps gravitating towards her and keeps on fumbling.  Gray is such a sweetheart and watching him just epically fail is quite entertaining. Even though he just fails at every turn you just can’t help but love him anyway, he has a certain charm about him that just sucks you in. Maybe it’s his easy smile or even as he’s knocked down he perseveres anyway. He is nothing if not determined. What I love the most about him is he adores Livi just the way she is, he has no desire to change her and thinks she’s the perfect “Lady” just as she is. But even if he does manage to win his lady, what would he do with her?
I loved Liviana! She is brash, speaks her mind and knows what she wants! And what she wants is to go home! Livi was sent to England by way of Louisiana by her father to be made into a lady. She wants nothing to do with being a “lady”. She liked her life running wild in the bayou’s with her Lycan brothers. So far the only good thing she has found about England is Gray. She is drawn to Gray more than any other person but he’s not “respectable” and definitely not a good match! Every move that Livi makes ends up being a disaster and affects her respectability on the marriage mart. She is on the very edge of being ruined and sent to a convent. Just when she has decided to throw everything behind being a lady she is yet again fuel for the gossip fire. Livi certainly handles impending disgrace fairly well. Lol If it hadn’t been the threat of a convent she probably wouldn’t have cared a whit what society thought of her. She can definitely hold her own again the disrespectable Hadley brothers; she can even match them disgrace to disgrace. Livi is fun and sassy and doesn’t take anything from any of the rambunctious males in her life. I love Livi and Grey together; they certainly make waves through England’s Ton.


Amanda P ratings 4 half moons

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  1. I can't believe I haven't read Lydia Dare yet. Even worse is the ladies behind it are local authors!

    It really sounds like a fab read and one I need to pick up soon. I really love heroes like Gray that don't give up even if they keep fumbling. Liviana sounds like a fun heroine too!

    Have a great weekend!