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ARC Review: Kendra Leigh Castle - Immortal Craving

Dark Dynasties Series:
Book 4:
Immortal Craving: Bailey Harper and Tasmin Singh
Immortal Craving (Dark Dynasties, #4)
Release Date: January 29th 2013
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Wild, uncontrollable, and powerful, the lion-shifting Rakshasa were hunted down by vicious rival vampires who feared their dark, magical abilities. Somehow one survived, and now, after centuries of hiding, Tasmin Singh reemerges as fierce and fearless as ever at the door of the Lilim queen, seeking answers . . . and sanctuary.
The human best friend to a vampire queen, Bay Harper traded her quiet, comfortable life for a world filled with immortal assassins, warring werewolves . . . and this hauntingly sexy shifter. Only Bay's gentle touch can subdue Tasmin's inner demons, even as he brings out a passion and sensuality she never imagined she could feel. But when a bloody struggle threatens to tear them apart, can Bay risk everything on her faith in him-or will his dark side be stronger than even their all-consuming desire?
Another great installment of this series! I quite enjoy this series; it is a unique take on vampires. The characters are likable and the stories interesting. The only problem with the series in general is I forget about it, it’s not one that sticks out in my memory until I see a new book in the series pop up and then I’m excited to grab the new one.
We have met Bailey Harper before; she is Lily’s human best friend. We come to love her in the first book of the series. She is loyal, compassionate and feisty, always a good combination. Lately, she has been feeling a drift between her and Lily, they try to stay close but with Lily’s responsibilities and the whole Bay still being human thing, it has started to get in the way of their friendship. You are almost mourning this friendship as much as Bay and Lily are, you don’t know if that gap can be bridged. When Tasmin comes crashing into her shop and during the day she doesn’t want to get involved in vampire politics but there is something about this man that gets her engine revving. He’s grating on her nerves almost as much as he’s turning her on. Bay takes Tasmin into her home and eventually into her heart, only there are two problems with her desire to Tamsin, the first is that he is a vampire and she is still human. The other is …
Tasmin is the last of his dynasty. The Rakshasa have some of the cooler powers of the dynasties. They can shift into lions, they can hypnotize and can day walk. I think if I was going to be of one of the dynasties, I’d pick this one! When Tasmin wakes he has no idea how much time as passed, everything is different and all of his brothers are gone and something is seriously wrong with him. There are blocks of time that are missing from his memory, there are times he wakes covered in blood, not having any idea what had happened. Bay is not what he expected. She is pretty fierce for a human. Despite his superiority complex (which is pretty large lol) he finds himself drawn to the fragile human and finds himself with protective instincts towards her. Tasmin becomes extremely protective, yet caring towards the fragile yet fierce Bay. He has his ruff moments when he is being all egotistical but you come to really like him, because, of how he becomes. He softens; he becomes more personable and loyal to his Bay. He is better able to control his episodes, but he knows he is losing the battle; he is fading and might not have much time left.
As is the usual with this series, the romance is great. The chemistry between Bay and Tasmin is electric! They start off a bit rocky, but pull it together. There are all these forces that could keep them apart, but one by one, they solve the issues together. There is plenty of action both in the bedroom and out of it as the feud with the Arneso escalates. Things may or may not come to a head on this front by the end of the book. But I can tell that, that *itch needs to die! Some important decisions need to be made before the decisions are made for this ragtag group. Overall a lot happens in this book, some open issues are solved, so remain open and new issues occur. You will be taken on an emotional and action packed roller coaster ride!
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  1. I keep meaning to read this series and get started before I fall too far behind, but as usual, my plans fall on the wayside, but great review! I can't wait till I get a chance to read this. (I said that when the 3rd book came out lol)

    Ning @ DABR

  2. Sounds like a pretty exciting series. I've seen her name before but never picked one up and I'm thinking that's been a big mistake. The dynasties have me really curious. Thanks for the review and sparking my interest :)