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Review: M.L. Ryan - Special Rewards

The Coursodon Dimension Series:
Book 2:
Special Rewards: Hailey Parrish, Alex Sunderland and Sebastian Kess
Special Rewards (Coursodon Dimension Series, #2)
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What would you do if you discovered there was a parallel dimension?
Hailey Parrish used to be an average, everyday human. Boring, in fact. After being possessed by Sebastian Kess, a magically inclined enforcer from the parallel dimension Coursodon, her life took a decidedly less mundane turn. Besides coming to grips with the existence of supernatural beings, she risked her life helping Sebastian and her heart falling for his protégé, Alex Sunderland. Now, Hailey has to deal with the bit of arcane power that Sebastian left behind when he returned to his own body and try to stay out of the crossfire when an unknown assailant seeks revenge against Alex.
After reading the first book in this series and being very pleasantly surprised I was happy to take on the second book in this series as a review for the author M.L. Ryan. Not only is the author incredibly nice and willing to work with my review schedule, she can write a good story too! Nice with brains! Great combo!
When I started this book, I had totally forgotten how funny ML Ryan is, and I was quickly reminded as I was chuckling within the first few pages. Sarcasm is my favorite humor and there was plenty in this book. Hailey is one of those characters that have an uncanny knack for always finding some sort of trouble; she keeps the reader on their toes wondering what could possibly go wrong next. Hailey and her antics keep you entertained throughout the book. You can always count on her to provide you with a laugh or a wince as she gets into some sort of trouble.
The supporting cast in this series also has their own entertainment value. Sebastian or as Hailey calls him “Sabastard” is also good for a laugh, he is such an a$$, but admittedly a likeable one. He just has that way about him! Alex is a steady influence on the characters he’s kind of the rock of the group, somewhat unflappable. But don’t take Alex as a push over, he is definitely an alpha male at heart and is willing to risk his own life for Hailey’s and in this book, he has to do so several times. Hailey’s best friend while doesn’t make as many appearances in this book her presence often packs a humorous punch. One scene in particular that really comes to mind. I still laugh when I think of it!
Although, I wouldn’t call this book “action packed” it does have several moments of action and a few surprises up its sleeve. There are plenty of laughs to go around; which keep you entertained. While this is not always the most exciting, it is not a boring read. I found myself quite entertained and engaged in the story from beginning to end. What I also love about this series, is although this is an indie publishing it is well edited and intelligent. It is obvious this author has a vast vocabulary and/or knows how to use a thesaurus, which is totally welcome when reading!
*A copy of this title was provided to me by the author for an honest review. No other compensation was provided.
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