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Burn For You by Lexxie Couper

Outback Skies Book 2:

Burn For You: Evan Alexander and Jenna McGrath
Burn For You (Outback Skies, #2)
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The fire in the heart is the hardest to fight.
Harsh, rugged and unforgiving, the Australian Outback is the perfect place for Evan Alexander to hide. Up in the air, fighting fires from the cockpit of his helicopter, no one sees the scars that run clear down to his soul.
When a massive fire breaks out in a nearby national park, Wallaby Ridge becomes a media staging ground, and Evan’s daring piloting skills the center of attention. Evan finds it easy to dodge every reporter—except one. A woman from his past.
Jenna McGrath can’t believe the quiet, withdrawn man declared a hero is the same arrogant, cocky pilot she fell in love with six years ago. A cruel betrayal caused Jenna to remove herself from his world, but she’s never been able to erase him from her memories.
Their long-suppressed attraction reignites, but the walls Evan has built around himself are high. And while Jenna easily overlooks the scars on his body, she begins to wonder if molten desire is enough to melt the emotional scars binding his heart.
Warning: It’s not the flames devouring the landscape that will stir your soul…it’s the wounded, broken man fighting them from the air.

Burn for Your by Lexxie Couper is a quick steamy read featuring a emotionally and physically scarred man and a woman who looks beneath the skin to the man she knows he can be. When the book opens Evan is fighting a raging fire which is bringing back memories of the moment he lost everything.  People are calling him a hero but he knows he’s anything but…
The raging fire brings reporters from all over including Jenna a woman from Evans past that he never quite forgot. From the moment these two lay eyes on each other feelings from five years ago spring up and a different kind of fire rages. The chemistry between Evan and Jenna is as hot as the fire that brings them back together. Jenna Even though Evan is no longer physically perfect she still sees the man beneath the scars the man that always made her heart quicken just a little bit faster. Jenna is great in that she sees the beauty underneath the skin to a man that is battered and scarred above and below the skin but she knows there is a man worth saving. Even though Evan rejects her a couple of times she knows the reasoning and keeps at him, she knows he’s worth it. For five tears Evan has been struggling with his self worth. Once he was physically perfect, cocky and just knew he was the greatest thing to hit the skies and then one day, one fire and too much arrogance took all of that from him... including his wife. For five years he has been living a quite life, one full of duty and self loathing. Then one day, one fire and one act of heroism and all of his emotional blockades come tumbling down in the form of one thing… a female from his past.
This book is scorching hot with great characters. It stands on its own even though it is the second book in the series. The pace was quick and it was over too soon. I wanted it to continue. I also like that Couper did not shy away when it came to the scars, she went for it and committed to it. I definitely enjoyed this read as I have other works by Couper and would read the next book in the series.
3.5 Flames
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