Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I Do! by Rachel Gibson

Lovett, Texas Series: Book 5
I Do!: Nate Parrish and Becca Ramsey
I Do! (Lovett, Texas, #5)
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In New York Times bestselling author Rachel Gibson's newest novella, Vince Haven and Sadie Hollowell are headed to the altar, and all their friends are headed to Lovett, Texas, to join them for the party of the year.
But Becca Ramsey doesn't have time for all that. Fresh out of beauty school, Becca's all business . . . and the last thing she needs is bad boy Nate Parrish anywhere in her life.
In the past, Nate was trouble. He's been trying to repair his reputation—heck, he's even got just one girlfriend. The problem is, she isn't Becca. Now Nate's in a whole lot of hot water. He needs to get Becca from "I won't" to "I do" . . . but how can he do that when she won't even say "I might"?


What in the heck has happened to Rachel Gibson? She was once my favorite author. I would devour anything she wrote and then read it again. Some of my favorites are still Rachel Gibson but I havent loved a book she has written since Vince and Sadie. Everything since then has been MEH.. and her shorts... have never been the best.
Why oh why did she take Nathan who I think a lot of RG fans would agree was one of their favorite characters from Daisy's Back in Town and give him a mediocre novella where he was barely even in the book at all! If you stack all of his parts together he probably only had about 10 pages of book time. I am quite saddened by this. Thinking back, I dont think I laughed a single time in this book, which is one of the reason I have always liked Rachel Gibson; she made me laugh.
Other than that it was a quick read and good to catch up with some of the other characters but not at the expense of the main characters.

2.5 Flames

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