Monday, October 26, 2015

Review: Fallen Star Series Books 1-3 by Candy J. Star

Fallen Star Series Books 1-3

Rock You

Rock You (Fallen Star, #1)

Cry For You

Cry For You (Fallen Star, #2)

Be With You

Be With You (Fallen Star, #3)

Review of all three books:

Since I read all three books in very quick succession I am going to review it as a collective whole.  As a collection I really enjoyed this series, it’s basically about a cranky reclusive “has been” rock star that has been holed up in his filthy house for years following his sister’s death, until Ruby his new housekeeper showed up. The bands quick rise to fame while they were still very young took its toll on all of them but mostly Tex the bands charismatic front man and guitarist. He lost the one thing that meant the most to him blaming it on the lifestyle.  Approximately 10 years after he dropped out of the public eye he hires Ruby to be is housekeeper with a strict rule that he never lay eyes on her. Ruby is a young computer programmer and total geek. She has sever social anxiety and would prefer to never leave the house so is really put out when her parents decide to move and put her out of the house, now she has to find somewhere to live and quick and the housekeeper gig seems perfect for her.  The never lay eyes rule is quickly broken when on her first night Ruby mistakes Tex as a burglar and about maims him in the kitchen.  Thankfully this is not a love at first sight or insta-love situation! Whew! Ruby has no idea who her hot employer is and she doesn't like people especially cranky ones. Tex does his best to forget there is even someone in the house, but a house fire quickly puts these two into close quarters. 

In the first book we are really getting to know these two, as they try to navigate each other.  Tex is more of a recluse then Ruby is and he needs her to handle basic things, Ruby needs a job and a place to stay so they are stuck with each other… At some point these two find a rhythm and become friends of a sort. Tex’s band has never been forgotten and still has a die-hard fan base. His agent approaches him with a big time gig which he promptly turns down. Hannah turns to Ruby to try to convince Tex to perform again. An intervention is staged and emotions run high. It’s a pretty touching point in the first book and we get a deeper look into Tex and it’s not soon after where his and Ruby’s relationship starts to push their friendship barriers.  Romance starts building, the concert happens which then pushes us into books 2 and 3. Now Ruby and Tex have to navigate a brand new relationship as Tex is plunged back into fame.  Oh and book 1 is free and ends in a cliffhanger (that's how they get you!) .. Just an FYI.

In book two we get a glimpse into the dark world of fame and stalkers and how Ruby and Tex have to deal with this. Ruby fears with her social anxiety she can’t be what Tex needs. Tex worries about how his fame will affect Ruby and if it’ll destroy another person he loves.  They have some serious issues they have to work through separately as well as together, all why they are in peril! The second book while good is my least favorite of the series.  

In book three we really get into these two emotional messes. Apart these two are a disaster; together they seem to work up to a point. Tex is almost suffocating in his need to protect and Ruby knows she needs to be able to stand on her own two feet if they are going to work.  Ruby takes a couple of steps forward only to have set backs, Tex doesn't take any steps forward and starts to drive Ruby away but his personal and professional life are falling apart in front of him.  These two face some hard truths about themselves and each other.  For a while it’s not looking good for either of them, but somehow demons are faced while they are apart but are it enough to bring them back together???  I don’t know you should read the books to find out! Seriously, it was a pretty good series; I devoured it in like a day or two. Oh, I'm pretty sure it’s self-published so there are some grammatical issues throughout the three books so if you are a part of the grammar police… these books might drive you batty. Just a warning!

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