Sunday, October 25, 2015

Review: The Master by Kresley Cole

The Master: Maksimilian Sevastyan and Catarina Marín

(The Game Maker #2)

The Master (The Game Maker, #2)

Everyone fears the Master...

Rich, irresistible politician/Mafya boss Maksimilian Sevastyan prefers tall, obedient blondes to fulfill his... complicated desires. That is, until the icy Russian encounters a disobedient brunette whose exquisite little body threatens his legendary restraint.

Except her.

Catarina Marín was a well-off young wife until her world fell apart. Now she’s hiding out, forced to start working as an escort in Miami. Her very first client is beyond gorgeous, but when he tells her what he plans to do to her, Cat almost walks out of the door.

If pleasure is a game, play to win.

After their mind-blowing encounter burns out of control, the lovers crave more. If they escape the deadly threats surrounding them, can Maksim overcome his past—to offer Cat his future? Only then will she tempt him with what he really wants: her, all tied up with a bow.


I don’t know what took me so long to read this book... I mean I love Kresley Cole, I'd marry her and have her kids except I’m not a lesbian and I have no desire to have kids, plus she's already married so that plan was doomed before it began. So why did I wait? Hell if I know but I was only a couple of chapters in before I realized my mistake. Because I loved this book! It ensnared me from the beginning.  Politician/Mafia billionaire falls in love with escort... It's almost Pretty Woman and who doesn't love that movie?! Iconic! Anyway, Maks is a whole lot scarier then Richard Gear and Cat is sassy like Julia Roberts, tho not a red head... a mouthy Latina instead. 

Cat agrees to this one night, this one guy because she needs cash and needs it fast, she can almost feel Edward her murderous husband breathing down her neck and she needs to split town and fast.  Maks ordered a tall blonde eastern European sub, what he gets is a fiery Latina with an ass to die for and a snarky sense of humor... Even worse... She demands her own pleasure. Imagine!

The interaction between these two is highly amusing. Cat basically ignores all of Maks wishes and he is dumbfounded... That has never happened to him before. He doesn't know what to do with her, so He does the only thing he can think of and f*%$@k's her brains out. It's a new form of addiction for both of them. After their 2nd encounter Maks ensures she isn't going to leave him until he is done with her... Cat takes exception to that and her little plots to aggravate him begin and I found it humorous. She's not one to let these circumstances change her personality. Maks takes it all in stride although he doesn't give anything away you wonder if he's not enjoying it just a little bit. When these two are not engaging in a battle of wills they are having off the charts sexy times! I'm surprised their sheets didn’t spontaneously combust from their passion!  When the book starts you think you are going to get another Natalie and Aleks kink but it quickly changes... Not saying there isn't any kink but it's a lot tamer than the Professional but no less hot. Overall, from beginning to end I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I don’t think it exceeded the Professional for me... but it wasn't close behind!

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  1. I really enjoyed this book Both books in the series are so fun but I think this is my favorite out of the two. Great review.

  2. Woohoo! I loved this one too! I'm having that with book one though. I have it. I just haven't gotten to it in like 8 months. *hangs head* Now you have me wanting to get back to it. Might have to be my Christmas treat to myself ;)

    1. Do it Anna! Aleks is one of my all time fav book boyfriends!

      I can't wait for the third book in the series but there is no release date or pretty cover to look at. :(

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