Friday, November 6, 2015

Review: Ecstasy in Darkness by Gena Showalter

Ecstasy in Darkness: Ava Sans and Victor McKell

Alien Huntress Series Book 5

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Ava has something to prove to herself to her peers to the world… She is not trash she is better than that. Growing up on the streets has made Ava hard and a spitfire. She has learned hit first ask questions later! As a trainee for the AIR with her bestie Noelle, she has something to prove. They are sent on a mission that no other AIR agent has been successful with. To bring in McKell a dangerous vampire that has been shunned by even his own people. McKell is insulted first AIR sent some agents which he sent back missing some fingers and now they send two females, trainee’s at that! Really?! Is that the best they can do two tiny females who are in training… So when they catch him off guard and one of them calls “Dibs” on him he is shocked. Luckily McKell has the ability to control time and freeze people in place so when he is stunned he easily freezes Ava and Noelle until he is out of the stun. When the two come back the next day he knew he should have killed them! But one more look at Ava and any annoyance they cause him is worth it. After Ava stabs McKell he hunts her down to her place because he is not healing, at least that’s what he tells himself is the reason for seeking her out. In the mean time there is a very real threat of the diseased queen who wants to destroy Earth and the AIR could really use McKell and his unique talents. Mia tasks Ava with keeping her eye on McKell since she seems to be the only person McKell will let near him. Together Ava and McKell must battle vampires, the queen and her army and most importantly each other.


I really enjoyed this story. I could relate to the commitment phob Ava, she is feisty and independent. She relies on no one and is really only close to Noelle, to whom she is fiercely loyal! I can relate most closely to Ava so far of all the females in this series. I love her relationship with Noelle they count on one one else but each other that is until McKell makes his claim.

McKell takes arrogance to a whole new level, watching him try to navigate his new life topside is interesting. He gets a crash course in living among the humans he used to round up and bring below for food. His possessiveness of anything he considers "HIS" is quite humorous and a bit disturbing at the same time. When he writes “DIBS” on Ava in her lip gloss I about died laughing! This book is the MUST read! 

The story itself is entertaining and keeps it moving, lots goes on but I have to admit the zombie queen plot-line is not my favorite but there is plenty else going on so you dont have to focus on that. This is old Gena Showalter at her best with lots of great laughs to be had! This is one of my favorite books of this series. 

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  1. Oh yum! I had almost forgotten how much I loved Alien Huntress, Amanda! Your review made me want to read the whole series again :)
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