Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Review: Winter Secrets: Winter Solstice Run #3 by M. Limoges

Winter Secrets: Winter Solstice Run #3: Stephen Dorsett and Kate Matthews

(Black Hills Wolves #33)

Winter Secrets: Winter Solstice Run #3 (Black Hills Wolves Book 33)

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Patience is a virtue…a lesson Stephen Dorsett has learned over the years, wooing his mate. He loves the prickly woman with all his heart, but he’s keeping a secret from her—one that will soon change the entire dynamic of their relationship.

Kate Matthews has a secret of her own, but she’s reluctant to share her surprise with Stephen. With her mate spending too many long hours and late nights at work recently, Kate begins to second-guess Stephen’s commitment to her.

One simple misunderstanding, fueled by insecurities and doubts, is all it takes to throw Kate and Stephen off course. Will they allow their secrets to pull them apart, or make their love stronger?

It was good, I have obviously missed earlier books in the series but that didn't really hinder anything. This was a quick glimpse into an already mated couple’s life after mating showing that not everything is rainbows and kittens. The Kate was kind of a shrew in the beginning but she eventually calmed her ass down. Stephan was cool from beginning to end, he knew what he brought to the table and he just needed his mate to get her head out of her a$$ and know what she brought to the table and appreciate all that he's done for her. It was a really quick read with some good moments. I liked it.

*review copy provided for an honest review.

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  1. I'm glad to see you enjoyed it! I have that same thing happening in my current read. lol The heroine needs to catch a clue! Heh