Sunday, February 28, 2016

Review: Beyond Ruin by Kit Rocha

Beyond Ruin by Kit Rocha: Mad, Jade, Dylan and Scarlet
(Beyond #7)

Beyond Ruin (Beyond, #7)

Adrian Maddox fled his royal life—and tragic past—in Sector One, choosing instead to join up with the O’Kanes. For years, he’s lived by one rule: love fast, love hard, and always be willing to walk away. He’s managed to guard his heart, keep it whole and untouched—until now.

They couldn’t be more different—Dylan, the brilliant, burned-out doctor from Eden who drowns his pain with drugs and self-destruction. Scarlet, the sensuous, sexy rocker from Three, a woman unafraid to embrace the world. And Jade, the whore turned spy from Sector Two, who battled addiction and came out stronger than anyone he’s ever met.

Separately, they make Mad long to open his heart, to tumble head-first into a sea of possibilities and wild love. Together, they make him burn, inside and out, with lust and unbearable, unimaginable pleasure.

Then one fateful moment shakes their world to its foundations—and leaves the sectors on the verge of all-out war with Eden. It’s the biggest fight the O’Kanes have ever faced, and Mad and his lovers are at the dead center of it. They could end up with everything they never knew they wanted—or lose it all. Including their lives.

The last 40-30% moved the book along and had a lot going on which ended up saving it a bit for me but really it was the subplot between the sectors and Eden that was the most interesting part. For me the beginning the book seemed to drag, I knew we were building to something BIG but it seemed to take forever to get there. Once everything starting going down the story picked up for me. There is a shift in sector power and a war brewing. It's all very exciting and I can't wait to see where KR is taking us with us. I'm really looking forward to the next book and not just because its Hawks book... :)

I never ended up truly believing this foursome in particular Scarlett and Dylan. They maybe spent 1 page/ 1 conversation alone together yet somehow Im supposed to believe that these two loved each other? Yeah not buying it. Even Mad and Jade I had a hard time with as well because he keeps seeing her as a fragile butterfly and victim and doesn't really seem to get her until the very end. Mad and Scarlet I believed, Dylan and Jade that too I believed.. Scarlet and Jade had a pretty good thing going, tho they would have been fine together without Mad and Dylan. Mad and Dylan Im still not sure how I feel about them. It seems like they were initially brought together by a mutual desire for Jade?? In the beginning they seemed more hot for each other than by the end of the book. I think Kit Rocha may have bitten off a bit more than they could chew with this foursome. Even the sex scenes seemed off to me. Dylan as the Dom just didnt work, I just didnt feel it not like Cruz, Jasper or Dallas. He just didnt pull it off for me and Jade being ashamed that she wanted to be told what to do seemed overblown and somewhat vague I just didnt get what the big deal was about and why it was such a shame/secret. In fact Jade's whole need to be a secret to everyone except Dylan. I dont know it seemed to hinder the character development rather than help it. Dylan seemed to be the most underdeveloped character of the foursome. I still dont feel like I know much about him.

Overall, while the beginning dragged for me and I felt like there needed to be more character development to really make this foursome believable it was still an enjoyable book with lots going on in the sectors.  I am still a huge fan of this series even if this book wasn't my favorite. There were plenty of fans that gave this book 5 stars so there are plenty of people who LOVED it.

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