Sunday, December 19, 2010

Elisabeth Naughton - Marked

Eternial Guardians Series:

Book 1:
Marked – Theron and Casey Simopolous


Theron is the leader of the Argonauts the Elite Guardians of Argolea.  He is a direct descendent of Hercules the greatest Hero to ever live and part of the original seven heroes. Theron enters into the human realm to fetch his Fiancé Princess Isadora, who has suddenly disappeared hours after the announcement of their engagement, tracks her to a strip club where Casey works as a waitress.   When Theron is trying to take Isadora back into Argolea he is ambushed by Daemons trying to grab the Princess, he manages to send her back in the nick of time but he is unable to get back through before he is stacked and nearly slaughtered. Casey was exhausted and just wanted to go home when she stumbles upon a pack of wolves (???) Attacking “the man” she saw in the club, somehow she manages to scare off the wolves (???) and get the gorgeous but obviously dangerous stranger in her car. He convinces her to take him home with her to heal, Casey knows this is a big mistake but can’t seem to help herself anyway.  Casey gets home and works to save the big strangers life, when he remarkably heals in a day she is left perplexed and aroused. He really is the most gorgeous thing she has ever seen, when after a moment of extreme passion he disappears she is left royally pissed and who could blame a girl. He got her all hot and bothered and just when things are getting good he takes one look at her birthmark, asks a whole bunch of questions and splits like a bat out of hell! When Theron see’s that birthmark he is confused, a human should not have a mark such as that, it is Argolean mark! When he gets back to Argolea he is summoned by the King and told of a prophecy involving his half human daughter who bears a certain birthmark. Theron is terrified that the women her is to search for is Casey and that he will have to give her up only to die. When Theron finds Casey again she is being attacked by Daemons and doing a decent job holding them back… From here the action really picks up, with Gods, prophecies, Daemons and passion, you are taken on a roller coaster ride!


It really took me a while to really get into the story and the characters.  Like many first books in a series it is setting up the story for which the rest of the books will be based off of. Once I got half way through to maybe three quarters of the way it started picking up and I got more into it. It was a fairly good book; however, I do not know if I will continue with the series. There are several other series that have grabbed my attention so we will see if I come back to this one.

2.5 moons out of 5

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