Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lydia Dare - Taming the Wolf

Lykae/Coig Series:

Taming the Wolf: Dashiel Thorpe, Earl of Brimswoth and Caitrin Macleod

Up until a month ago Dash was convinced he is a monster, something he was afraid of within himself.  Since then he has found out he is actually a werewolf. Now he is searching to find others like himself that can mentor him so he can learn to control the beast within which is what brought him to Westfield Hall. Caitrin Macleod hates to travel; she is more than ready to go home to Edinburgh, Scotland. When she meets Dash for the first time she is caught up in a haze of passion, it takes a while to realize that she cannot see is future and that frightens her more than when he unexpectedly bites her under the full moon. Confused and not sure what to do Caitrin hastily leaves Westfield Hall to go home.  Dash has no idea what he has done; He is new to this whole werewolf thing and didn’t realize that when he bit Caitrin during the full moon he has marked her as his mate for life; he really needs a mentor to figure all this out and the sooner the better! Dash finds someone possibly willing to mentor him in Glasgow, Scotland; which puts him on the same path as Caitrin and he cannot wait to win her over! Let the sparks fly as Dash tries his hand at wooing and Caitrin and Caitrin trying to foil his attempts along the way. Although even she can’t lie to herself she is oddly drawn to him as much as she is repelled by him.

Overall this is a solid book! This is one of those grabbed it off the shelf at Barnes and Nobles reads, so I had no idea what to expect. Overall I was pleasantly surprised! It is a good read and is able to suck you in and keep you entertained.  I believe this book to be part of a series and I will be going back to check those books out! Even being that it is mostly likely part of a series it can stand on its own. So many books that are a part of a series you have to read all of them from the beginning or you can be lost, this is not the case with this book.

4 Moons out of 5

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