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MaryJanice Davidson's - Betsy the Vampire Queen

MaryJanice Davidson's - Betsy the Vampire Queen

Betsy is having a BAD day, not only was she fired, her birthday cancelled but it really ended with a BANG when she was killed by Pontiac Aztek.  When Betsy wakes up in the funeral home in a bad pink suit and payless shoes she is PISSED! Not only is she NOT dead like she is supposed to be but she is wearing her evil step mothers cast off suit and payless shoes. The “Ant” knows how much Betsy LOVES her designer shoes! All night after her awakening she is convenienced that she is a zombie and spends the entire night trying to off herself once more to no avail. It takes a little girl that she saves from robbers to point out that she is actually a Vampire. Soon she learns that she is the foretold Queen of the Vampires by the “Book of the Dead” which basically the Vampire version of the Bible. She is not having this she doesn’t want to be a Vampire let alone the Queen of them, but the gorgeous vampire Eric Sinclair is very persistent and convinces Betsy that she is the Queen.

All the books follow Betsy and her cohorts as they battle evil and as Betsy goes from one mishap to the next.  The series as a whole is very funny and very in touch with Pop Culture especially fashion! So if you love shoe and vampires this is a match made in heaven! There is a lot of swearing in these novels so if vulgar language is not your thing you may want to pass on this series. The individual novels are fairly short and are very quick reads. You will defiantly be entertained by MaryJanice Davidson's sense of humor and from all of Betsy’s antics oh and it doesn’t hurt that there are some very steamy scenes!

I am not actually going to do an individual book review as the books are pretty short and follow the same characters in each novel. The order of the series is:

Undead and Unwed (book 1) 

Undead and Unemployed (book 2) 

Undead and Unappreciated (book 3) 

Undead and Unreturnable (book 4) 

Undead and Unpopular (book 5) 

Undead and Uneasy (book 6) 

Undead and Unworthy (book 7) 

Undead and Unwelcome (book 8) 

Undead and Unfinished (book 9) 

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